Have you ever had the super experience of receiving a whole box of melon seeds? One word: [cool]! Clearance promotion is super awesome! Pecan seeds are half price! ! ! My friends and I put together 120 packs in one go! ! ! Let's talk about this melon. Very conscientious product, really fried with pecans, not saccharin or something. I was surprised to find that pecans could be found in the melon seeds! So every time you eat melon seeds, you have to widen your eyes👀 to pick out the missing pecans😋 Okay, I'm going to eat melon seeds😘
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大家有过收到一整箱瓜子的超级体验吗?一个字:【爽】! 清仓促销活动超级给力!山核桃瓜子竟然半价!!!我跟小伙伴们一口气凑了120包!!! 咱们就来说说这个瓜子吧。非常良心的产品,真的是用山核桃炒制的,而不是糖精之类的。不知道吃到第几包的时候惊奇地发现瓜子里面竟然可以捡到山核桃!于是每次嗑瓜子的时候都要瞪大眼睛👀挑被遗漏的山核桃粒😋 好了,我要嗑瓜子去了😘