When you open Yami and don't know what to buy When your wife isn't home and you have to buy it yourself Just pick the most popular items and buy them right away! Look, most of it is convenience food Unmarked are health foods... Strongly recommend: 1. 2 kinds of snail powder, see Figure 1 2. Nanguo yellow chili sauce, it is a must with noodles, it is a bit salty, it is not too salty 3. All kinds of eight-treasure porridge in Taiwan, a can of 200 calories, full stomach and low-calorie, a bag of instant noodles has 500 calories, it is suitable for eight-treasure porridge if you are hungry late at night 4. Instant noodles are recommended for the double pepper noodles in the upper right corner of Figure 2, which also comes with seaweed soup; and the favorite old altar sauerkraut noodles in life, does anyone have the same number? 5. The Liupo hot pot ingredients bought following the trend are really good and delicious 6. Lao Yang's salted egg yolk cake bought following the trend This is probably the case. Friends who like it, buy it and give it a thumbs up!
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当你打开亚米不知道买什么的时候 当你老婆不在家,必须自己买的时候 就选择最受欢迎的东西,跟着买准没错! 看吧,一大半都是方便食品 没标记的都是养生食品... 着重推荐: 1、螺蛳粉2种,见图1 2、南国黄辣椒酱,配面一绝,有点咸,不咸放不住 3、台湾的各种八宝粥,一罐200卡,饱肚又低卡,一袋方便面有500卡呢,深夜饿了还是八宝粥合适 4、方便面推荐图2右上角的双椒拌面,还附带紫菜汤;以及人生最爱的老坛酸菜面,有木有同号之人? 5、跟风买的六婆火锅料,真是不错,很好吃 6、跟风买的老杨咸蛋黄饼 大概就是这样,喜欢的朋友,买起来,并点点赞啦!