😈Yami Welfare Club: Yashu Hot and Sour Noodles

The last trialbonusis the heavyweight Yashu self-heating hot and sour noodles La~


The variety is huge! In addition to vegetable buns, chili sauce buns, soup base, seasonings, vinegar buns, there are also Fuling mustard buns!

The amount of flour is also very large, even if no other ingredients are added, it is enough for a full meal~

How to eat:

1️⃣Add accessory packs to the upper layer, adding about 200< span class="s3">ml water. The seasoning package does what I can, I added half a package of hot sauce, and I used all the rest.

2️⃣Add enough water to the lower layer to cover the heating pack

3️⃣Install the upper layer as soon as possible, close the lid, etc.15 span>minutes.


Give it full marks and don't be afraid to be proud!

Looking at the picture, it looks like it is very spicy. In fact, I added a whole bag of vinegar, so it doesn't taste very spicy. I think it is just the right level of sourness.

I think this soup is delicious, so although it looks oily, I still drink it all.😂< /p>

Special praise is this powder, the feeling of handmade powder! A very thick one, it tastes very chewy, and it will return to the country in a second!

And when the powder was taken out, each powder was very dispersed, and there was no other strange taste. If noodles are the soul of hot and sour noodles, then the soul of this bowl of hot and sour noodles can be said to be perfect.


🎉So far, 亚米福利社 The third phase of the benefits I received has been completed. Thank you very much for participating in the event. Every friend gave me a thumbs up, and I am very grateful to the Yamibu Welfare Officer and Yamibuy for their support to the event. I also hope to have the honor to be selected to participate in the activities of the welfare society again in the future.

Just sauce, love you guys, compare your hearts manually

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