If the sunscreen is not done well, skin care is equal to nothing. If the skin is exposed to UV rays for a long time, serious skin problems such as premature aging will occur. Recommend Ann Sunscreen Silver Bottle Sunscreen SPF50+, PA++++, volume 60ml Ansun is a brand of Shiseido specializing in sunscreen products, and several sunscreens are particularly popular. The silver bottle is very suitable for daily sun protection. It is added with moisturizing ingredients such as small molecule hyaluronic acid and plant extracts, as well as whitening essences such as tranexamic acid. It is a whitening and moisturizing sunscreen. Lightweight and easy to push, the texture is very similar to correction fluid, you should shake the fluid before use. This silver bottle has added more moisturizing ingredients, which is generally used for daily moisturizing or indoor office workers, suitable for dry/combination skin.
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防晒工作没做好,护肤等于白做了。如果皮肤长期受到紫外线的影响,会出现提前老化等严重的肌肤问题。 给大家推荐安耐晒银瓶防晒霜 SPF50+,PA++++,容量60ml 安耐晒是资生堂旗下专门做防晒产品的品牌,好几款防晒霜都特别受欢迎。银瓶非常适合日常的防晒,其中添加了小分子玻尿酸、植物萃取等保湿成份,还有传明酸等美白精华,是一款美白保湿型的防晒霜。轻薄好推,质地很像涂改液,使用前要摇晃一下液体。这款银瓶添加了更多保湿成分,一般日常保湿或者室内上班族使用,适用于干性/混干肤质。