😈Ishizawa Rice Mask

Shi Ze's rice mask is probably one of the hottest masks this year, and Yami is often out of stock, so you should hurry up when you see it😂

This is the first time I bought a pack of this type of mask, and I was worried that it would dry out at first, but later I found that this worry was completely unnecessary.

From the time of opening the package to the last one, I have probably used it4 Months......Use the last one with milky white essence in it👍🏻

So the point is to use it in time every timesealOk, serum Absolutely enough.

The mask paper is not a particularly thin silk texture, should it be cotton? It is comfortable to touch.

The moisturizing time is not particularly long, about 15minutes will feel less moisturizing Yes, but it's enough for a mask.

The distance between the eyes of the mask looks a little narrow, but in fact it can be used for a face as big as me, which is somewhat gratifying😂

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