Planting grass, eltaMD UV clear 46

No one holds an umbrella in summer in the United States. The dazzling sunshine under the blue sky and white clouds makes the sheep feel a lot of psychological burden when they go out every day.

Since watchingBBCThe truth about skin care, I know that skin care without sunscreen is I'm blind, so I chose to choose a bottle of sunscreen that is especially suitable for me! ! !

That'selta MD UV clear 46!

elta MDis a well-known American cosmetic brand, and its amino acid facial cleanser and sunscreen products are well-known.

For sensitive skin! And never breakouts!

Sheep skin condition: dry skin, T oily in summer.

                         < /span>I occasionally get pimples, and it takes a long time for the pimples to disappear.

                         < /span>Sensitive skin on both sides of the nose

So my first criterion for choosing sunscreen is :< /p>

                   won't cause breakouts

The second is For sensitive, moisturizing and not greasy.

And this one46 is a physicochemical combination sunscreen. Not only does it meet the above standards, but it also has a whitening effect. It doesn't look white when you apply it, but it's white after washing your face.

Why? Let's take a look at its main sunscreen ingredients:

9%Zinc oxide and7.5%Cinnamates.

While both are physical sunscreens, the! The face does not turn white! All three sunscreens have a zinc oxide concentration of 9%, but they do not whiten after film formation. Because zcote HP1Technology, encapsulated micronized zinc oxide. It is to make zinc oxide into ultra-fine and nano-sized. 【Transparent Zinc Oxide】So there is no whitening at all.

This sunscreen has a small capacity among other sunscreen products, why?

Because this one contains5%niacinamide in addition to physical sunscreen, There is also hyaluronic acid.


There are many kinds of whitening ingredients in skin care products, but they have been proven to have clear effects and not many are accepted by the market. Niacinamide is one of them. The main ingredient of Olay Whitening Small White Bottle!

Niacinamide can accelerate metabolism and exfoliation of keratinocytes containing melanocytes. Niacinamide has a small molecular weight and can be directly absorbed by epidermal cells , stimulate the vitality of some cells that have been weakened, promote the synthesis of collagen, prevent excessive melanin deposition, and achieve the effect of whitening.

Niacinamide also has anti-glycation effect, which can dilute the yellow color of protein after glycation. Generally speaking, it has an effect on dull skin. , for Facialsand"Yellow Face" skin with visible effects

Hyaluronic acid Not much to say, moisturizing.

Look at the texture next:

Very moisturizing, similar to lotion, with good fluidity, gently spread on the face in the mirror, and then wait15 After a few minutes of film formation, you can apply other foundations to avoid rubbing mud. There is no pressure to apply two pumps.

Yes, this sunscreen comes in a vacuum bottle, one pump at a time, very hygienic!

This is the hand with a layer of this sunscreen👇The left side is not wiped, After the film is formed on the right side, it is slightly oily. This is the effect that all film-forming sunscreens will produce, but just swipe some loose powder to get it done!

I have to choose one disadvantage, that is, it is not waterproof. If you sweat a lot when you go out to exercise or if you are waterproof at the beach, you can choose another sunscreen product, but this sunscreen is absolutely enough for daily use!

But the advantage is that it is good to wash off with water when not wearing makeup. I usually useelta MD is good to wash, because I sometimes use loose powder. My face is soft and comfortable after washing.

The bottle is almost empty now, and it won't cause breakouts at all! The acne marks on the face have also disappeared a lot. Very satisfied!

I have done a lot of homework on sun protection. I hope you will also gain something from reading the article and be a beautiful little fairy together.

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种草啦,eltaMD UV clear 46



那就是elta MD UV clear 46

elta MD是美国著名的药妆品牌,旗下的氨基酸洗面奶和防晒产品都很出名。

敏感皮肤适用!且 绝不致痘!





                   won‘t cause breakouts

其次就是 敏感适用,滋润不油腻。

而这款46 是一款物化结合的防晒霜。不仅满足以上标准,还有美白的效果,不是涂上看起来白,是洗了脸以后白白。

为什么呢? 让我们来看看它的主要防晒成分:


虽然这两种都是物理防晒剂,但!上脸并不会泛白!三款防晒的氧化锌浓度都有9%,但是成膜后不泛白。 因为用的是zcote HP1技术,包裹型微粒化氧化锌。就是把氧化锌做成了超微纳米化。【透明的氧化锌】所以一点不泛白哦。







透明质酸 这个不多说了,保湿嘛。






但是好处是,不化妆的时候用清水洗掉就好了,我一般用elta MD的氨基酸洗面奶洗一下就好,因为我有时候扫散粉。洗完脸软软的,很舒服。



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