【Angel 👼 Comb】 💕My angel comb is here! Knock happy! ! ! Knock the chicken jelly! 💕 Not to mention. This face value is really beautiful! .Fenfen Mengmeng's hair is particularly powerful! Hahaha. It has been planted by fairies before. Now I have it too hahahaha! The size is just right to hold. The arc of the comb is also very good. It fits the scalp very well. It is comfortable. 💕Its anti-static ability is very good! I can't wait to try it. Hahaha! In addition, it can also prevent hair breakage, anti-knotting, and effective antibacterial. There are three different sizes to choose from.
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yami_featured_image 【天使👼梳子】 💕我的天使梳子到啦!敲开心!!!敲鸡冻! 💕别的不说.这个颜值真心美啊!.粉粉萌萌的梳头都特别有劲!哈哈哈。之前一直被仙女们种草.现在我也有了哈哈哈哈!大小握着刚刚好.梳子弧度也很好.很贴合头皮.舒服。 💕它防静电能力特别好!我已经迫不及试起来了。哈哈哈!除此之外.它还能防断发.防打结.还可以有效抗菌.有三种不同大小可以选择。