Goods to post! It's all about filming and decompression!

Yami! 2 days shipping! Leverage!

Unpacked, set up immediately! 👏👏🤣


Take a photo from a different angle, it's even more magnificent! These are the must-haves and decompression artifacts for summer movies. I bought ten jasmine teas and drank one, all iced and drunk slowly! (It will be finished in a few days!) The yam flakes have already eaten a pack!

1⃣️ Amway got this milk tea, I am looking forward to it!

Update! Already drink it! Very tasty! Great lady!

2⃣️ I was given this ice powder by Amway, hoping to make a red bean pearl Milk ice powder to eat!

3⃣️ I was also given a soup by Amway, so I bought a bowl to try, I have eaten and it feels great!

It turns out that the soup is a real soup bag, not powder. Add the soup three minutes after the water is poured. 👇

Ok, beautiful! 👀

Stir it well and start eating. I didn't feel anything at first, but after eating it, I have a lot of aftertaste, and the soup is finished. 👏

4⃣️ Mayushan Charcoal Black Milk Tea. I drank a cup in the morning, it was ok, the tea was not fragrant enough and the milk was not strong enough, suitable for people with weak taste. 👇

The individual packaging inside is neat and beautiful. 👇

5⃣️ Yam flakes are also used by Amway. The taste is not bad. After eating, I drink a large bottle of jasmine tea to quench my thirst. The advertisement is golden yellow, but the real thing is a white piece, which is a bit disappointing. The portion is big, a big package!

I was in a bad mood last night, so I immediately opened a pack to relieve my mood, and it was good after eating. 👇

Always on the go to discover new goodies! Keep giving Yami a thumbs up! Products are great! 👏👏👏

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亚米!2 days shipping!杠杠的!




1⃣️ 被安利了这一款奶茶,很期待!


2⃣️ 被安利了这一款冰粉,希望做个红豆珍珠牛奶冰粉吃一下!

3⃣️ 也是被安利了汤达人,买一碗试试,已吃,感觉非常棒!




4⃣️ 马玉山炭香红奶茶。早上喝了一杯,还可以,茶不够香奶不够浓,适合口味淡的人。👇


5⃣️ 山药薄片也是被安利的。味道还不错,吃完灌下一大瓶茉莉清茶解渴。广告上看是金黄色的,实物是白色的片,有些失望。分量大,好大一包!