【Fried Chicken Amway】Hope Yami can put this super cute and delicious Lazy Egg Pudding Mochi on the shelves! Absolutely fire! In the past, Yami has served chocolate and pumpkin flavored mochi, which were my favorites back then~ I haven't seen them since. I rarely like to eat pudding-flavored things, I find them all sweet and greasy. Although this mochi is relatively sweet, I will not be disgusted at all. It has the feeling of custard sauce. It tastes a bit like glutinous rice ice cream after freezing it. 😍😍
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【炸鸡安利】希望亚米可以上架这个超级可爱而且很好吃的懒蛋蛋布丁麻薯!绝对会火!以前亚米有上过巧克力和南瓜口味的麻薯,都是我当年的最爱啊~后来就没有见到了。 我很少喜欢吃布丁口味的东西,觉得都很甜腻。这个麻薯虽然也比较甜,完全不会反感,里面是卡仕达酱的感觉,冻一下就有点像糯米糍雪糕那种口感😍😍