🌟Jade muscle essential oil soap 🌟 Japan TAMANOHADA jade muscle essential oil soap The round shape is very cute ❤️ The white and tender ones are reluctant to use 😂 🌟 is the most popular gardenia fragrance 🌟 Soap with natural essential oils 🌟Suitable for cleansing, bathing, and hand care 🌟Effective soothing and relaxing 🌟 Clean skin 🌟 Go to yellow and brighten 🌟After washing, the skin is soft and tender I love this scent! As soon as you open the box, there is a strong floral fragrance that can not only be used but also can be used as a fragrance decoration! I put one in the bathroom every time 🛀 exudes the fragrance of gardenia ❤️
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🌟玉肌精油皂终🌟 日本TAMANOHADA玉肌精油皂 圆圆的形状非常可爱❤️白白嫩嫩的都舍不得用😂 🌟是最具高人气的栀子花香味 🌟含有天然精油香皂 🌟洁面、沐浴、护手都适合 🌟有效舒缓放松 🌟清洁肌肤 🌟去黄提亮 🌟洗完后肌肤水嫩嫩 好喜欢这个香味!一打开盒子就有一阵浓郁的花香扑鼻而来不仅可以使用还可以当香氛摆设! 我摆放一个在洗手间每一次🛀都散发着栀子花香❤️