🍰The ancient cake is sweet and fluffy

Ancient cake is a traditional Taiwanese cake It has a dense texture Soft entry This is what makes it different from other cakes

Here is the finished product of my third Paleo cake It's a comparison perfect

The appearance of cutting

Here is what it looks like just out of the oven

Here's what it looks like in the oven

Paleo Cake Different from other cakes in two ways 

The first is that it needs to use the hot noodle method 

The second is that it requires a water bath to bake this cake

I am onYouTubeLearn to do it by watching video If you are interested, you can watch the video to learn how to do it It's not difficult to make a cake It just requires constant practice I will do better and better😉

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古早味蛋糕是台湾传统的古法蛋糕 它的口感绵密 入口松软 这是它与其他蛋糕不一样的地方

下面是我第三次做古早味蛋糕的成品 算是比较完美了




古早味蛋糕 与别的蛋糕有两点不同 



我是上YouTube看视频学做滴 如果有兴趣的小伙伴可以上去看视频学做哦 做蛋糕其实不难 就是需要坚持不断的练习 才会越做越好哦😉