【Baicheng a light】Honey Lemon Passion Fruit Whitening Tea

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Prepare ingredients:  p>

Little lemons🍋, passion fruit, honey🍯Highly recommendedRaw Honey, like sweet You can also add an appropriate amount of yellow rock sugar, sweet pomelo and sweet orange🍊sealed glass jar (Note that the ingredients and utensils should not be wet with water, otherwise the lemons will easily become moldy and deteriorate during the fermentation process)

The production process:

Mash the lemons🍋 with kosher salt for a minute and soak them in water 10-20minutes, take out the r0 lemon and dry it with kitchen paper💛

scoop out the flesh of the passion fruit and put it in a bowl🥣

Seedless lime slices💛And start canning

First spread a thick layer of honey, then a layer of lemon, then a layer of passion fruit, and a layer of yellow rock sugar or sweet orange can be sprinkled lightly🍊A bed, then a layer of honey, and so on🍯🥄🥄

It tastes better in the refrigerator for a few days🥃😋 Put a picture of the result, and a large jar next to it is made of acidmixed berry Sweet Jam🍇🍓🍒Morning toast🍞🥞🥪< /span>

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小柠檬🍋,百香果,蜂蜜🍯强烈推荐Raw Honey,喜好甜味的还可以加黄冰糖适量,甜柚甜橙🍊密封玻璃罐 (注意食材和器皿都不能沾水哦否则柠檬在发酵过程中容易发霉变质)






放入冰箱冷藏几天味道更赞🥃😋 放一张成果图哦,旁边一大罐是做了mixed berry的酸甜果酱🍇🍓🍒早上配吐司吃🍞🥞🥪