🌟 Saliva Tofu 🌟 Everyone is familiar with fish tofu! How can small snacks have fish tofu ❤️ Our family loves fish tofu very much. We usually have fish tofu in stir-frying, soup and hot pot. It's really delicious! It's not like fried tofu, not like steamed tofu, in short, it's soft, and the Q is just right! Delicious, fresh and smooth! Fresh but not fishy, elastic but not hard! Very oily and juicy, the entrance is soft and smooth, and the fragrant barbecue taste is tangy! With a very strong fish aroma, it is delicious, tender and juicy! There are also many types of fish tofu that are very good! Maybe I like fish tofu, I think as long as it's fish tofu, it's delicious 😂 But I really like the packaging of this kind of snacks, a small package of independent packaging is only two pieces, it is just right, I am afraid of getting tired of eating too much, so I can take it with me wherever I go ❤️
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🌟口水娃鱼豆腐🌟 鱼豆腐大家都不陌生吧!小零食怎么都要有鱼豆腐❤️ 我们家超爱吃鱼豆腐,平常炒菜、煮汤、吃火锅都有鱼豆腐,真的好好吃! 不像炸豆腐不像蒸豆腐、总之就是软、Q都刚刚好! 鲜嫩可口、劲弹爽滑! 鲜而不腥、弹而不硬! 非常油嫩多汁,入口柔嫩爽滑,香浓的烧烤味扑鼻而来! 有着非常浓郁的鱼香,又鲜美又嫩又多汁! 还有很多款鱼豆腐都很不错!可能爱吃鱼豆腐的我就觉得只要是鱼豆腐都好吃吧😂 但是真的喜欢这样零食的包装,一小包的独立包装就两片,就是那么刚刚好,吃多也怕腻,这样去哪里都可以随身携带❤️