Open the box! very excited!

Today, I opened the box again, so excited! Bought a lot of what I love to eat and hope not to be disappointed. There are so many products that I love for the back-to-school season, so I bought them right away!

1⃣️ Vegetarian hairy belly, pickled pepper flavor, very attractive, a large Box, put in the refrigerator to taste better, eat slowly.

2⃣️ Tomato-flavored snail powder has been planted and I am looking forward to it.

3⃣️ Boiled fish, greedy by Xiuyang's boiled fish, Bought a pack right away. The fish is ready, just waiting to be done. Remember to look at my list! 😉

4⃣️ Look at Zhou Ying's work in "That Year's Flowers Bloom and the Moon Is Full" Before the master was arrested by the officers and soldiers, he had to finish a bowl of Hu spicy soup. I thought to myself, is it that delicious? Buy a pack to try!

5⃣️ The bean skin knot, used to stew a sparerib, it should be very good !

6⃣️ The red onion sauce, I finally bought it, it can be eaten with noodles La! Happy! 🌸🌸🌸

Let me share with you slowly!

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1⃣️ 素毛肚,泡椒味,特别诱人,一大盒,放冰箱口感更好,慢慢吃。

2⃣️ 蕃茄味螺狮粉,被种草了,很期待。

3⃣️ 水煮鱼,被秀羊的水煮鱼馋的,赶紧买了一包做。鱼已经准备好了,就等着做了。记得看我晒单!😉

4⃣️ 看《那年花开月正圆》里面周莹的老爷被官兵抓去前还要喝完一碗胡辣汤,我心想,有那么好喝吗?买一包试试!

5⃣️ 豆皮结,用来焖个排骨吃,应该很不错!

6⃣️ 红葱酱,终于被我买到,可以拌面吃啦!高兴!🌸🌸🌸