Today's hollow soy milk chiffon punch card

I made chiffon cake for the first time and it was hollow I have been doing it before Both are ancient cakes After both cakes are made < /span>I like the taste of this hollow chiffon very much Although it is not as old as it is The texture of the flavor cake is so dense and delicate but it is very QVery soft and fluffy sponge cake-like texture Chiffon cakes are much easier than paleo cakes I made it the first time and it was pretty good. The practice of ancient cakes is more complicated and matters needing attention Also more

Not much to say Let's see how to make this hollow chiffon cake Let's go☺️

The author of this recipe isAmandaManda (aYouTuber, she has a number in the kitchen and on Weibo) I followed her recipe The recipe is very good I recommend trying Friends who make hollow cakes use this recipe

The following are the ingredients and proportions used in the cake

I replaced the milk in this recipe with soy milk made by my grandma (the cake is very sweet and delicious!) The author also added vanilla extract in the original recipe I did not add 

Step 1: Separating the eggs Use two clean water) in a large bowl to separate the egg whites and yolks

Step 2: Add a small amount of white sugar in the recipe into the egg yolk and mix well

Then add the oil while stirring

Pour in the milk and mix well

Add a pinch of salt (twist with two fingers, 1gleft and right),

Sifted into the low-gluten flour and stirred gently (it is best to drawZType stirring) Stir until the egg yolk paste is smooth

Step 3: Preheat oven to160degrees< /p>

Step 4: Beat the egg whites, add sugar in three batches, add the first time when the big fish eye bubbles are beaten, and add the second time when the egg white bubbles are thinned. Wait until the egg white becomes delicate and add it for the third time (the original recipe is to add the egg white in two times, the first time is when the batter is fine and the second time is when the batter is fine)

The protein is sent to this level👆this is enough< /p>

👇I whipped egg whites and egg yolks

Step 5: Add 1/3 egg whites to the egg yolk paste. Stir evenly with the stirring method, then pour all the egg yolk paste into the egg whites, scrape it off with a spatula, and continue to use the stirring method to stir evenly (I see many people's tutorials are mixing with a spatula But I personally prefer to use a hand mixer I find it faster and easier to mix with a hand whisk)

👇It is a way of mixing If you want to watch more specific friends, you can go to the video to learn.

In fact, it is to use a spatula to cut from the middle of the meringue The following Turn the batter from bottom to top Be gentle!

👆The correct batter should be fine and smooth Drops from a height with silky layers of heaviness

Step 6: Pour the mixed batter into6 inch hollow mold Medium Throw a big bubble twice < span class="s1">Then put in the oven 160degrees35 Minutes up and down

👇My work

Step 7: Put it on the grill to cool and remove from the oven enjoy:p

My hollow chiffon just came out of the oven

Chiffon cake is also calledCrazyCake The cracked skin on it is the most OK

Upside down to cool

Remove (the gap in the cake is due to air bubbles that were not expelled before baking)

Top to bottom

The above is the sharing of my hollow chiffon cake Interested friends You can find the original video to watch☺️

Hope you will like it💕

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第一次做戚风蛋糕而且还是中空的 之前一直做的都是古早味蛋糕 两款蛋糕都做出来以后 个人很喜欢这款中空戚风的口感 虽然它没有古早味蛋糕的质地那么绵密细腻 但是它很Q弹很松软 类似海绵蛋糕的那种质地 戚风蛋糕比古早味蛋糕容易得多 我第一次做就已经挺不错的啦 古早味蛋糕的做法要更繁琐而且注意的事项也比较多

话不多说 让我们看下这个中空戚风蛋糕怎么做吧☺️

这个方子的作者是Amanda曼达(一个YouTuber,她下厨房和微博都有号哈)我是跟着她的方子做的 方子的配方非常好 建议想尝试做中空蛋糕的小伙伴们用这个方子哈


这个方子中的牛奶我替换成了我奶奶做的豆浆(做出来的蛋糕非常香甜可口!)原方中作者还加了香草精 我没加 

第一步:分蛋 用两个干净的(无油无水)大碗把蛋清和蛋黄分离干净










第五步:将1/3的蛋白加入蛋黄糊中用翻拌的手法搅拌均匀,再将蛋黄糊全部倒入蛋白中,用刮刀刮干净,继续用翻拌的手法搅拌均匀(我看很多人的教程都是用刮刀拌的 但是我个人的话更倾向于用手动打蛋器拌 我觉得用手动打蛋器搅拌得更快更容易)

👇是翻拌的手法 想看的更具体的小伙伴可以去找下视频学习哈

其实就是用刮刀从蛋白霜的中间切开 再将下面的面糊从底部翻到上面来 手法一定要温柔!

👆正确的面糊应该是细腻柔滑 从高处落下有丝绸般一层叠一层的厚重感

第六步:将混合好的面糊倒入6寸中空模具中 摔两下震出大的气泡 然后放入烤箱 16035分钟上下火


第七步:出炉后放烤架晾凉脱模取出 enjoy:p


戚风蛋糕也叫气疯蛋糕 它上面表皮裂开是最好的




以上就是我的中空戚风蛋糕的分享 有兴趣的小伙伴可以找原视频观看哦☺️