Today's original chiffon cake punch card

The recipe for the cake made today is exactly the same as the recipe for the hollow chiffon made the day before The difference is that I replaced the hollow mold with a round mold I want to see the cake meeting with the changed mold Nothing will change

It is still the same formula as the previous hollow chiffon. This The second is my own picture Because the detailed operation steps have been said before So here I will briefly review it

Step 1: Egg separation

Step 2: Add a little sugar to the egg yolk and beat it up into the egg yolk Slowly add oil While pouring Add milk Add a pinch of salt Then sift in the low-gluten flour and stir into egg yolk batter

Step 3: Preheat oven to 160degrees Then beat the egg whites twice Added sugar The first coarse foam was added half of the sugar Add the remaining sugar when the second egg whites are smooth Whip the egg whites until dry Foaming is enough The whipped meringue and egg yolk paste are as shown below

Step 4: Add 1/3 meringue to the egg yolk paste Mix well Pour the stirred egg yolk paste back into the meringue, cut and mix well

Step 5: Pour into the mold A few times to shake out the bubbles span> Send preheated160degree oven bake35minutes

Step 6:35-40minutes later Cooling Demold span>

👇🏻Upside Down

Gently separate the cake and mold by hand when unmoulding Freshly baked The cake is very elastic

👇🏻Successfully demolded

Summary This original chiffon made today This recipe is originally baked in a hollow mold I changed the round mold to make this cake on my own. I feel it is best to use a hollow mold to make this cake I think I need to extend the baking time by changing the round mold And the taste is not as good as hollow

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今天做的蛋糕的方子跟前天做的中空戚风的配方一毛一样 不同的是我将中空模具换成了圆模 我想看下换了模具的蛋糕会不会有什么变化

还是跟前面中空戚风的配方一样配比也一样 这次是我自己的图 因为之前已经说过详细的操作步骤 所以这里我就简短点算是重温一下


第二步:蛋黄中加入少许糖打散 往蛋黄中慢慢加入油 边倒边搅拌 再加入牛奶 加入一丢丢盐 接着筛入低筋面粉搅拌成蛋黄面糊

第三步:先预热烤箱到160 接着打发蛋白 分两次加糖 第一次出现粗泡是加入一半糖 第二次蛋白打发到细腻时加入剩下的糖 蛋白打发到干性发泡就可以啦 打发好的蛋白霜和蛋黄糊如下图

第四步:将1/3蛋白霜加入蛋黄糊中翻拌均匀 再将搅拌好的蛋黄糊倒回蛋白霜切拌翻拌均匀

第五步:倒入模具 嗑几下震出气泡 送入预热好的160度的烤箱烤35分钟

第六步:35-40分钟之后出炉倒扣 冷却 脱模


脱模时用手轻轻分离蛋糕和模具 刚烤好的蛋糕是很好弹性的


总结一下 今天做的这个原味戚风 这个配方原方是用中空模具烤的 我私自换了圆模来做这个蛋糕 感觉还是用中空模具来做最好了 我觉得换了圆模需要延长烤制时间 而且口感没有中空的好