A wave of weeds, I've been craving to eat recently

🍱This summary🍱

-New package received

-Angel Potato Chips Charcoal BBQ Flavor Test

-Angel Potato Chips Spicy Fried Chicken Taste Test

-Korean Cod and Ham Test

-Wangzai Steamed Bun Evaluation

This is the fastest Yami package I've ever received. I ordered it in the middle of the night on the first day, and it arrived in the afternoon the next day. Here is a tipsthat is, live inLA< span class="s2">Children around, ordering at night will basically arrive the next day.

The above unboxing pictures cannot include all of them. The second picture is all the things I bought this time, seventeen kinds. Next time you have no inspiration to buy something, you can refer to it~

This is the first time I tried this brand, and I like the fluffy texture of the potato chips without Lay's oil. But the seasoning doesn't feel like charcoal grilling~ I bought the 18g small packet, which is really small, and I finished it in two bites.

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Forgot to take the packaging of the spicy fried chicken

As mild as charcoal, American potato chips are really heavy! This place is really refreshing. This one has a slightly spicy taste, which I think is okay.

Korean cod and ham

Sorry I didn't take a picture, so I'll show it with the official picture.

I really like its tender texture, but there is no way to compare the taste to the king of the king. You can taste the smell of fish and a little cheese, but it is not strong. Those who have never eaten Korean ham sausage should not mistake it for domestic ham sausage~

Small buns are still the classic flavor. I have never tried the milk flavor, but this honey flavor is good. Fragrant and sweet~ It will be more refreshing to drink with tea than to eat with empty mouth. This 210gram package is full of weight, which is the same as the mother's can with more than four yuan ~ so it's a good deal!

-------Here today---- ----

I will post all the other snacks I bought this time here during this time

See you next time!

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