Sponge cupcakes for beginners

My family has always loved cupcakes Even though I would give them at home Do 6inches or8inch cakes but they still go out and buy cupcakes to eat at home So today I tried making cupcakes myself Thinking about not buying it and eating what I make in the future I didn't expect it to be really delicious haha< span class="s2"> Even my younger brother, who has always hated my baking skills, ate several in a row

The method of sponge cupcakes is different from the previous method of hollow chiffon and ancient cakes < span class="s1">In fact, I have never made sponge cake because I am afraid of failure It is a very traditional method Cake Then let me teach you how to make this cake

First, the materials we need to use are

yolk 2pcs

Egg whites 2 (50g)

Butter 20g

cast sugar 50g

Low-gluten flour 50g

Milk 20g

This recipe is just for6cupcakes< span class="s2"> The point to note is that the two egg whites are best adjusted to 50g Then don't reduce sugar at will May affect egg whites whipping< /p>

Step 1: Boil a pot of water in a small pot Boil the water Then turn off the heat Move the pot to the table < span class="s1">Then place a bowl inside or on top of the pot Add milk and butter to the bowl Let it melt slowly

Step 2: Separating eggs Egg whites (controlled in< span class="s2">50g) add white sugar in three times Beat until dry foaming preheat oven at this point165 Medium-low-fire

Step 3: Add two egg yolks directly to the whipped meringue Beat with a hand mixer on the lowest speed until smooth then sift in the low-gluten flour Mix with a rubber spatula until no dry powder is visible

Step 4: Add a spoonful of the blended mixture in the previous step into a bowl with butter and milk After letting the scoop of the mixture mix with the butter and milk put the small bowl of Pour the mixture back into the egg white and egg yolk mixture mix well

Step 5: Put the mixed mixture into a clean piping bag Then squeeze the batter into the prepared cake cups (the cups should be placed on the mold first)

Step 6: Put the cupcakes into the preheated upper and lower heat165Bake in oven35minutes

Step 7: After the baked cupcakes are out of the oven, they should all be taken out of the mold and placed on the grill to cool before eating

After I made this cupcake I didn't think it was that hard At first, I was worried about whether it would be easy to defoaming by adding egg yolks and low-flour flour to the beaten egg whites span> but not actually I personally like this cake very much easy to make It can be said to be a must for beginners with zero basics The recipe is taken from the lower kitchen, I hope you will like it< /span>💕

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我家人一直都很喜欢吃纸杯蛋糕 即使我在家会给他们做6寸或者8寸的蛋糕 但是他们还是会在外面买纸杯蛋糕回家吃 所以今天我就自己尝试了做一次纸杯蛋糕 想着以后别买了就吃我做的 没想到竟然真的很好吃哈哈 连一直嫌弃我的烘培技术的弟弟也一连吃了好几个

海绵纸杯蛋糕的做法跟之前做中空戚风和古早味蛋糕的做法都有所不同 其实一直没做海绵蛋糕也是因为害怕会失败 它是一款做法非常传统的蛋糕 那么下面我就教大家怎么来做这个款蛋糕吧


蛋黄 2

蛋清 2个(50g

黄油 20g

白砂糖 50g

低筋面粉 50g

牛奶 20g

这个配方刚好是6个纸杯蛋糕的用量 其中需要注意的点是两个蛋清加起来最好调整到50g 然后不要随意减糖 可能会影响蛋白的打发程度

第一步:用一个小锅烧开一锅水 水开后关火 把锅移到桌面上 然后把一个碗放在里面或者锅的上面架着 碗里加入牛奶和黄油让其慢慢融化

第二步:分蛋 蛋清(控制在50g)分三次加入白砂糖 打至干性发泡 此时可以将烤箱预热165度中下火

第三步:将打发好的蛋白霜直接加入两个蛋黄 用手动打蛋器最低速打至均匀即可 然后筛入低筋面粉 用橡皮刮刀翻拌均匀直到看不到干粉为止

第四步:加入一勺上一步翻拌均匀的混合物进装有黄油和牛奶的碗里 让这一勺混合物和黄油和牛奶混合均匀之后 将这一小碗的混合物倒回那盘蛋白和蛋黄的混合物内 翻拌均匀

第五步:将翻拌均匀的混合物全部装进一个干净的裱花袋内 然后将面糊挤进早已准备好的蛋糕纸杯上(纸杯应先全部放在模具上)



当我做完这款纸杯蛋糕之后 我觉得其实并不难 一开始我会担心打发好的蛋白还要加入蛋黄和低粉拌匀是否容易让它消泡 但是实际上并没有 我个人非常喜欢这款蛋糕 简单易做 可以说是零基础入门必备 配方摘自下厨房希望你们会喜欢💕