🌟 Magi Planet 🌟 🍿️ Super delicious popcorn! 🍿️ In addition to the classic caramel popcorn, the most special one is the [Black Pepper Corn Chowder] flavor. The salty and spicy black pepper and the rich sweetness of the corn soup are all smashed in the mouth and perfectly integrated. 🍿️ I have always liked eating popcorn, but I really don't like American flavors. This one is so delicious that I ate it up in one bite before I finished watching the TV series~ 🍿️ Hope Yami can stock this! ! !
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🌟 Magi Planet 🌟 🍿️ 超級好吃的爆米花! 🍿️ 除了經典的焦糖爆米花,最特別的是【黑椒玉米濃湯】口味. 鹹香辣口的黑椒 加上 玉米濃湯 的濃郁香甜,每一顆都在嘴裡衝撞又完美融合. 🍿️ 一直很喜歡吃爆米花,但真的不喜歡美式口味. 這款好吃到買回來電視劇沒看完就一口一口吃光了~ 🍿️ 希望亞米可以進貨這款!!!