No matter how good eye makeup is, without curly eyelashes, it always looks like something is missing Whether it is applying false eyelashes or planting eyelashes, I believe that girls who like natural styles will always feel as comfortable as their own eyelashes. Here are a few eyelashes artifact that I always wear when I wear makeup👇 KATE Kanebo KANEBO Eyelash Primer There are fibers in this eyelash primer, which can extend the eyelashes and prevent the mascara from smudges I'm dizzy again~ (but I still don't like Lancome's mascara, the low cost performance and the design is too inhumane) KISS ME Waterproof Extreme Long Curl Mascara This is really my love my heart is good! After gently scraping off some paste from the bottle mouth, brushing on the eyelashes can be super clear and can really keep curling. I have used makeup for up to 12hrs. The most worrying eyelashes are still strong and not collapsed at all. INNISFREE Innisfree Slim and Fine Mascara This mascara is the hero of my lower eyelashes. The thin brush head can be very well applied to the corners and ends of the lower eyelashes. It also avoids staining the lower eyelid and smudges the makeup. Become a panda~🐼 AVANCE Eyelash Growth Serum Makeup can’t be removed without makeup, no matter how gentle it is, when removing eyelashes, it will remove one or two eyelashes a little. This growth liquid can play a repairing role. 💙 This is my favorite eyelash growth liquid, and it is also the most effective product I have used so far. It can actually see the growth of eyelashes without smudging the eyes. It does not need too much before going to bed, just take the eyelashes lightly~ Don't patronize beautiful eye shadow, smart eyelashes are also very important~
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yami_featured_image 再好的眼妆 没有了弯弯的睫毛就总像缺了点什么 无论是贴假睫毛 种植睫毛 我相信喜欢自然风格的妹子也总会觉得不如自己的睫毛来得自在舒服 下面就是几款化妆时我无论如何都要带着的睫毛神器👇 KATE 佳丽宝KANEBO睫毛打底 这一款睫毛打底里有纤维 可以延长睫毛 还能不让睫毛膏晕开 之前手上有一只兰蔻的睫毛膏 可是总是晕妆所以闲置了很久 买了这只KATE之后再用就惊讶的发现不再晕妆了~(但还是不喜欢兰蔻的睫毛膏 性价比低且设计太不人性化啦) KISS ME防水极致纤长型卷翘睫毛膏 这款实在是我的爱我的心头好!在瓶口轻轻刮掉一些膏体之后刷上睫毛 就能超级根根分明 并且真的能保持卷翘 我曾带妆长达12hrs 最担心的睫毛还是依旧坚挺 完全没有塌下来 INNISFREE 悦诗风吟纤巧精细睫毛膏 这支睫毛膏是我的下睫毛功臣 细细的刷头可以非常好的刷到下睫毛的角落和眼尾 也避免了染到下眼睑弄脏妆容 不会结块的同时也不会晕 不用担心变成大熊猫~🐼 AVANCE 睫毛增长液 化妆就避免不了卸妆 无论多么温和 在卸睫毛的时候都会稍微卸下一两根睫毛 这款增长液就能起到修复的作用啦💙 这是我最喜欢睫毛增长液 也是我目前用过最有效的产品 能实实在在的看到睫毛的生长 也不会糊眼睛 睡前不需要太多 轻轻带一下睫毛就行~ 不要光顾着化漂亮的眼影 灵动的睫毛也很重要哦~