✨Nice brand is also very beautiful part2✨

💕Another big🔥Brands-Charles&keith💕

The small fire recentlyck.Growing grass for a long time.Want to take advantage of this mid-year9Discount and free shipping activities include some favorite items. The prices of their items are very affordable span>.But the style is very fashionable and beautiful.Wear the style of a big name at an affordable price!

This brand isCharles WongandKeith Wongbrothers founded in 1996in Singapore span>.The brand's products include shoes, bags, belts, sunglasses, bracelets and other fashion accessories.

SmallckHome drop shoes👠👠

cylindrical heel sandals

This new heel sandals.macarons are darker in color Love my heart.Love bright colors in spring and summer .There is still a girl's heart in my bones❤️.< span class="s2">It's usually either black or white.I think it's time to buy myself a pair of bright colors! It also has many colors to choose from.I choose the green one.

💕Although not my type. Still fascinated by it after receiving it😍! Pink, green and yellow.So cute! But I think it's more suitable for girls who are not afraid of straps..Sisters with fair skin and thin legs.I will not try to show you my thick dark legs😂😂

💕About the size of this pair, I usually wear it36 span>Code.Bought 6Size.It feels almost appropriate to wear, but it feels a bit wide when walking . The straps need to be tightened up a bit. So I guess it's more suitable to be half a size smaller, but her family doesn't seem to have it5.5😂😂.

almond-toe-slip-ons p>

These shoes were planted by friends.Looks good Wear.The design of sandals is very convenient. The whole pair of shoes is capable and comfortable.I prefer this pair of white span>.Unfortunately there is no number.This time I chose the pink one.Pink is also very nice.

💕It also looks good in uppercase after receiving it! I usually wear jeans more often.with this mule type .It looks so good! ! Handsome yet feminine.

💕The point is to wear well.Foot feels very good.The price is too beautiful! I plan to include white next time! Hahaha. Taking pictures of my 🐶Master also came to join in the fun. Make it photogenic😜

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✨小众牌也很美 part2✨


最近大火的小ck.种草很久.想趁着这次年中9折免邮的活动入了一些心水的单品. 它家的单品价格都很亲民.可是款式又非常时尚好看.以亲民的价格穿出大牌的风范!

这个牌子是Charles WongKeith Wong兄弟在1996年于新加坡创立.该品牌的产品包含鞋履、包袋、皮带、太阳眼镜、手环等各类时尚配饰。


cylindrical heel sandals

这款新款的heel sandals.马卡龙的配色一下就深得我心.一到春夏就好爱鲜艳的颜色.骨子里还是有一颗少女心❤️.平时不是黑就是白.我觉得是时候给自己买一双亮色啦!它还有很多颜色可以选择.我选择绿色的这款配色.