[Small secrets in the office drawer recommended for snacks in cool August] Day3 punch card


[Small secrets in the office drawer recommended for cool August snacks]Day3Punch

Joined in August, purchased by Yami, Bloody Market

August ushered in all kinds of overdraft consumption

As an office worker with a regular work schedule, with a personality like me who can sleep an extra minute and never get up a minute earlier, I definitely don’t have time to eat breakfast.

In order to avoid gallstones, I move the inventory at home to the company little by little every day. In my side of the world, the drawer has become a treasure trove that hides the essence of my being a foodie. The various gift bags from Sephora have become a good tool for me to transport and store snacks.

Let's talk about how I live the last week of August

The followingBenefiberis one of the few food items I carry when I move s things. This thingCostcoI bought it for more than 20 dollars. It is a white powder, which can be dissolved in any drink. It is colorless and tasteless. It helps Better digestion in the stomach. In fact, I had a good stomach and I was just like a normal person after eating and sleeping. But sometimes eating too much snacks and eating less vegetables and fruits will cause constipation. Drinking this fiber powder in water every day will make it easier to clean up the intestines. Although it can't lose weight, it can be a good helper for gastrointestinal digestion without accumulating food. Recommended index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


The following three snacks have been reported and evaluated before. When afternoon tea snacks are very rational.


This is Dali Garden's French Soft Bread

This breakfast bag solves one of the major reasons why I don't have time for breakfast at home.


This snack soy product, the flavors are randomly sent (although I really wanted the spicy one, they gave me five flavors)


Of course, there are also some snacks from Hsu Fu Kee's family


Finish thoseunhealthyoutside snacks

Let's talk about the following healthy snacks

Organic baby carrots, crunch a few when you have nothing to do.

I am deeply fascinated by this. The small package is often eaten in ten minutes, and the large package can be eaten halfway while watching a drama in bed at home.

The only downside is that I'm afraid it will affect other people too much when I eat. So consider having it for lunch.


A while agoFortune Cookie told me to have an apple a day so I can Stay away from doctors.

It shouldn't be that exaggerated, but Apple is a good thing. I didn't like to eat it before and thought it was troublesome (expensive), but now that people are middle-aged, they will be disliked by the emperor if they don't take care of them internally or externally.


Today's office snacks are here.

Welcome to leave a message and tell me your favorite snacks, I will be preparing for the September drawer replenishment.

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之前有个Fortune Cookie告诉我要每天一个苹果,这样就能远离医生。