My little world, "one room, one home".

Daily life

room tour.

In the outside world, we need a home, a comfortable and warm home.

And this home is built up slowly with your hands.

My room is a rectangle.
Open the door and see first, the wardrobe and the utility closet on the right.
(The cabinet is left by the original owner, and the wardrobe is built on the iron frame I bought myself).
Next to the cabinet is the door leading to the yard, and the ventilation of the room is good.
Get up at 6.00 every morning and open the door for the dog to pee, then the door will be open    very cool).
There is a table on the left side of the courtyard door, and there is a group of mice eating dog food on the table.
Under the table are some canvases and sundries.
This is another angle of view of my room.
There is a fireplace in the middle of the room, but I have closed it with a cabinet.
(I was afraid that Santa Claus would crawl in, so I had to force it).
On the cabinet are all my treasures, my favorite things, collected for many years, and bought and bought by friends to give me DIY small objects.
(Although I don't have any beliefs, but I like to enshrine them,)
And the first thing I do when I get home every day is to light a scented candle.
The lace curtain fabric I picked up outside and used it as waste. (Actually, I love picking up trash.)
Directly opposite the closet is the snack shelf that everyone often sees, Yami's Grain.
(Many people say that it is possible to open a grocery store) 
Next to the shelf is the wardrobe, TV, and Blu-ray player (all from my cousin).
I like to sit on the bed and watch new blockbusters.
Beds are also changed seasonally.
The window on the far side of the room is my studio.
This computer desk is actually my dining table.
(To tell you the truth, there are a lot of snail noodles and instant noodle soup on the keyboard)
On the other side is my DIY studio.
A lot of mess. There are many more under the table.
Still like to collect, because there is enough material to complete a work.
America is so dusty. So I like to buy towels to cover some things.
In the middle of the night, I like to watch a movie while eating snacks, and then continue to buy the next snack.
I don't want anything, just a nest of comfort.
Although it is only a room now, I will work hard to have a house in the future.
The current goal is also the only goal.
Optimistic and positive about everything in the present.
Be happy yourself, but also pass on happiness to you who love yourself.
The above is my "my little world," one room, one home.
Create your own world, right in your hands. let's work hard together!

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room tour。


而这个家,是用你的双手慢慢累积 创造出来的。

每天早上6.00起床开门给狗狗出去尿尿,然后门就会开着   很凉爽)。
柜子上都是我的宝物,我的爱恋之物,多年收集,捡 买 朋友送 自己DIY的小物件。
而我每天回家第一件事就是点燃 香薰蜡烛。
壁柜正对面就是 大家常常看见的 零食置物架,亚米的粮食。
另外一边是我DIY 工作室。
还是喜欢收集,因为有足够的材料 才能去完成一件作品。