————— rose mask ————— Fresh's rose mask has also been used for a long time, and every time sephora is on sale, I will stock up a little! The rose mask has a faint rose scent, which is very nice and not pungent. Personally, I like it very much 😘! The mask has a watery texture like a lotion. Every time I only apply a thin layer, which is similar to Figure 4⃣️, apply it for about 10 minutes, wash off and normal skin care is done! The moisturizing effect of the rose mask is the reason why everyone loves it. I feel that the whole face is soft and tender. I will use it twice a week to keep my skin full of water ❤️
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————— 玫瑰面膜 ————— Fresh家的玫瑰面膜也是长期一直在用的,每次sephora减价的时候我都会囤一点! 玫瑰面膜带着淡淡的玫瑰香味,非常好闻,不刺鼻的味道,个人非常喜欢😘!面膜是一点点像是乳液那种水水的质地感觉,每次我都只涂薄薄的一层跟图4⃣️差不多,敷个10分钟左右,洗掉正常护肤就搞定了! 玫瑰面膜的补水效果是大家爱它的理由,感觉用完整个脸蛋水水嫩嫩的,差不多一个星期我都会用两次,让肌肤喝饱水❤️