The color of the toast box is super beautiful, but it was a little scratched when I came here. I feel bad 😭 I bought sweet sausages~~ The steamed rice is super delicious Coconut Juice Coconut Juice is awesome😍 There are also hot pot noodles that are essential for hot pot 😘😘😘 Tomato-flavored snail powder! If you can't run out of tomato ingredients, you can make a small tomato-flavored hot pot.
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吐司盒子颜色超美 就是来了就有点剐蹭到了 心疼😭 买到甜甜的香肠~~~ 蒸饭超好吃 椰汁 椰汁 超赞😍 还有火锅必不可少的火锅粉 😘😘😘 蕃茄味的螺蛳粉! 番茄料包用不完的话完全可以做一份番茄味的小火锅了