JayJun💜Purple Aromatherapy Essential Oil Hydrating Needle Mask

💜I heard others say it works well, so I bought it. Today is the first time I use it. It's your first time, the packaging is very nice, I like this kind of purple, and I also like lavender, so I bought it and tried it out, so let's get down to business.



💜This mask has added a lot of natural flower extracts, lavender, rose, chamomile, etc., whitening, moisturizing, especially suitable for dry The baby of the skin, the most important point is that it is an essential oil mask, and the essence is easier for the face to absorb.

💜Let me talk about my trial experience💜< /p>

💜Its sheet mask is slippery, I feel like this, not very thick or thin, the sheet mask The material is very comfortable, there is no irritation on the face, very comfortable cotton, the smell is very good, a bit like the smell of blue pills, it may be a little heavier than the blue pills, not bad.

💜This serum is very special. It’s a small package. I didn’t expect it to have so many when I first opened it. , the top of the mask is already full of essence, and there is still it after squeezing out (as shown in the picture). This mask is quite docile and can be wrapped around the whole face.

💜I probably put it on15After a few minutes, the mask paper was still wet, and I didn’t feel any discomfort or sensitivity on the face. After removing the mask, I patted the essence lightly to make it fully absorbed by the skin, and then I would habitually wash my face with water. , and then apply other skin care products, the overall feeling is not bad, the face is very moisturizing, tender, whitening does not seem to be particularly much, there is a little whitening, but not as I recommended beforepdcThe wine dregs mask is so good, the price is actually worth it, the face is very tender and it is very comfortable to touch.



💜This one is not too surprising to me, but I think it is very easy to use and the price is very cheap. Overall, this one It is still a good choice, very moisturizing, and babies with dry skin can try it.

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