This time the theme: beauty artifact This thing is definitely an artifact, it must be a must for those who love makeup, and the important thing is said three times: must! A must! A must! Here are the reasons why I must: First of all, the appearance value is ok Secondly, the price is also relatively ok. Remember that cheap products are not good products, and good products are not necessarily cheap. There is also a discount of beauty827 now, and it saves the money for false eyelashes, so you can start it now. Next is the evaluation. It can be said that ten people used nine people to say yes, and the other one is because they don’t know how to make up😄. Finally, I will use it. It is convenient and fast, and the effect is immediate. Just brush it once and the effect is obvious. After brushing it again, it should not be too long. I ask for life makeup, so I didn't brush it too long, but you can When I saw the paint on my hair, my eyelashes didn't grow long, but after using it, I was surprised. There is a picture to prove it. Another very important reason is that I will say 88 to false eyelashes from now on. Wow haha. Because I It is also a handicapped party. It is indeed the top beauty makeup list, and it is worthy of the name. I recommended it from my mother's heart. Come on, babies, I feel that it is a must for the novice party, the handicapped party, the lazy party and the beauty party.... .
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yami_featured_image 这次主题:美妆神器 这个东西绝对是神器,爱化妆的mm们一定必备,重要事情说三遍:必备!必备!必备! 下面我来说下必备的原因: 首先外观颜值是ok滴 其次价钱也是相对也OK的,要记住便宜没好货,好货就不一定便宜.还有beauty827的折扣现在,而且省下假睫毛钱了,所以现在可以顺手下手吧. 接着是评价,可以说十个用九个人说好,还有一个是因为不会化妆😄. 最后我来说使用,既方便又快速,立竿见影的效果,只要刷一遍就效果很明显,再刷一次简直是不要不要太长哦.我要求生活妆,所以我就没刷太长,可是你们可以看到我发的涂,我的睫毛是不长的,可是使用后,让我惊讶,有图为证.还有一个很重要原因是从此以后我要和假睫毛说88.哇哈哈.因为我也是手残党.果然是美妆top榜,名副其实.我是摸着娘心推荐的.宝宝们快去吧,我感觉是新手党,手残党,懒惰党和爱美党....的必备.