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[Home Life]

This year. Finally finished a big project! The deck that I have been thinking about is done! ! So happy! I've been wanting to get a deck.since I moved, but it's been hard to make an appointment! Finally done this year! Baby and 🐶Master are also very happy!

Next will givedeckArrange it well.First we bought this sofa.Bought atwayfair. Arrived in two days. like! This sofa is specially designed for outdoor use. The quality is waterproof. So don't worry that it will be damaged when you put it outdoors. But the cushion should not be waterproof.We have a fancy cabinet for this kind of cushion. Pack it up if it rains.

this🌂 Bought from a nearby furniture store.good quality. span>Flexible and flexible.So you don't have to worry about the sun and rain 😄

I will buy an oven next.Buy high tables and chairs.Buy decorative lights .In the futureBBQ.Afternoon tea is available for appointment! ! !

Sneak out of time.Live life the way you want. come on!

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