First time shopping on Yami Coordinate LA did not expect to place an order at noon and arrive at night! The delivery efficiency is really invincible! And I'm really happy with the free shipping! I haven't tasted the mooncakes yet, but it's really a blessing to be able to eat egg yolk lotus paste mooncakes abroad during the Mid-Autumn Festival! ! ! Hee hee hee, low sugar ones also give people an inexplicable comfort, no matter how much you eat, you won't gain weight hahaha The ox tongue cake is really the taste of Shanghai, each one is very big hahaha, the meringue is great Small twist is really a must-have snack for homework. The calories are not high, and the caramel flavor is not particularly sweet, but it is also delicious!
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第一次在亚米上买东西 坐标LA没想到中午下单晚上就到了! 快递效率真的无敌高! 而且免邮真的太幸福了嗷! 月饼还没有尝,但是在中秋节还能在国外吃到蛋黄莲蓉月饼真的好幸福呀!!!嘻嘻嘻低糖的也给人一种莫名的安慰吃多少也不会长胖哈哈哈 牛舌饼真的是上海的味道啦,每个都分量很大哈哈哈,酥皮很棒 小麻花真是写作业必备的零食,热量不高,焦糖味不是特别甜但是也很好吃!