✨I have been using Crab Tree's hand cream for many years, and it is really cheap and easy to use. As soon as the event arrived, I immediately started again without saying a word. Hand cream is the same as skin care products, you should use it anyway. Stock up on a few more! The price is still great. ✨It has many styles and great choices. Especially many gift box sets, it is very cost-effective to start with the event. It is also suitable for gifts to relatives and friends. Every time I go home, I buy several sets for my friends. Mom loves it too. And many gift box sets are small. It is very convenient to carry around. ✨I think it feels good to use, moisturizing and not sticky. The taste is also good. A touch of freshness. So I bought the big clothes this time, and I bought them completely by feeling. Because I really can't pick out any specific flavor. Anyway, it just doesn't have the smell I hate. So it's okay to buy random. Ha ha?. ✨Many girls attach great importance to facial skin care. However the hand is ignored. I would say ✋ is really also very important. It is said that ✋ is the second face. Don't forget to take care of your lovely hands
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✨螃蟹树的护手霜我用了好多年了,真的是平价又好用。一到活动二话不说立马又入手了。护手霜跟护肤品一样,反正都要用呀。多囤几个没问题!价格还是很赞。 ✨它家款式很多,选择性也大。特别是很多礼盒套装,趁活动时候入手特划算。送亲人朋友的也都很合适。我每次回国都会买好几套送朋友。妈妈也特喜欢它。而且礼盒套装的很多都是小只的。随身携带非常方便。 ✨我觉得它的使用感很好,滋润而不黏腻。味道也不错。淡淡的小清新。所以我这次买的大只装也完全都是跟着感觉买。因为真要我具体去挑什么味道也挑不出。反正它家就是没有我讨厌的味道。所以乱买也没问题。哈哈?。 ✨很多妹子很重视脸部护肤。然而忽略了手。我想说✋真的也是非常重要的。都说✋是第二张脸嘛。不要忘记呵护自己可爱的双手呀