First time shopping after returning home Finally bought the long-standing Lanfang Garden! ! ! There are also repurchased n times of super delicious abalone porridge, which I plan to take to school to eat. It is very convenient to eat in a microwave. I also bought a shampoo, I don't know if it can save my oily hair (the hair I washed during the day will be oily tomorrow, anyway, I can't last all day, I hope this shampoo can save my hair and make me lazy. Lazy, it's not easy to blow your hair after all) I have repurchased this fino hair mask many times! ! ! It's so fragrant haha it's my favorite scent 😂😂 Other small snacks are the first time to buy and do not know how (Ok, except for the abalone porridge and hair mask, which are the first purchases)
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回国以后出来的第一次购物 终于买到了种草已久的兰芳园了啊!!! 还有回购n次超好吃的鲍鱼粥,打算带去学校去吃 很方便的微波炉一叮就可以吃了 还有买了一个洗发露不知道能不能拯救我这个油性头发(今天白天洗的头明天就油了,反正不能坚持一整天,希望这个洗发露可以拯救我的头发 也让我懒一懒,毕竟吹头发不容易啊) 这个fino发膜也是回购好多次了!!!好香哈哈是我喜欢的香味😂😂 其他小零食都是第一次购买也不知道怎么样 (好吧,除了鲍鱼粥和发膜都是第一次购买的)