It’s not true love and definitely won’t recommend it to everyone twice ❤️ Big love ❤️ Tomato flavor 🍅 how can it be so delicious, friends who can't eat spicy food Definitely want to start, the chili oil of normal snail noodles often makes me cry I basically didn’t dare to put chili oil packets in the past, but I felt that it was not the smell. I put it on for a long time and made myself sweaty. It was not until I encountered the tomato flavor 🍅 that I could finish it comfortably for the first time~ Tomato flavor It is very thick. You can add lunch meat and vegetables when cooking. You will definitely fall in love with it. Children who don’t like spicy food, come and try it ❤️~
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不是真爱绝对不会推荐给大家两次❤️大爱❤️ 蕃茄味🍅怎么能这么好吃,不会吃辣的朋友 绝对要入手,正常螺蛳粉的辣油常常让自己咳得流泪 以前基本都不敢放辣油包,但是又觉得不放不是这个味,放了长长让自己汗流浃背😂,直到我遇到了蕃茄味🍅,我才可以第一次舒舒服服的吃完~蕃茄味非常浓,煮的时候可以加午餐肉,和蔬菜,吃过的绝对会爱上,不会吃辣的小朋友,快来试试吧❤️~