💕 In terms of instant food powder interview recommendations😋 Part 1

👏 I want to make a series of topics about instant noodles or instant noodles, because I like to try them very much, and I have a lot of them at home. I often buy new products to try, and I also bought them on Yamibuy in the past year. I have tried many popular ones, such as Taiwanese noodles, snail noodles, and small noodles, but I want to publish them in several installments. 🌹

✨Line up to the extent that you will like it, and briefly talk about the taste of it.

1. Baijia Chenji Akuan Chongqing Noodles Spicy Noodles (middle): 🌶️ One of the most repurchased instant noodles in the past two years. It should be the brand of Chongqing noodles bought at the most convenient place in Asia. Don't cook the noodles for too long, it will easily rot. The spicy oil is really fragrant.

2. Baijia Chenji Akuan Sichuan Pupai Noodles (upper right): It's also Akuan's. I fell in love with it the first time. I have tried all the flavors. The noodles are flat and very tough. You must try it. One of them is said to be non-fried. The beef hot pot taste is amazing, it is exactly like eating hot pot, and the spicy hot pot base tastes very strong. 😋

3. Baixiang Laotan pickled cabbage hand-rolled noodles (left): Yachao took it casually. It was surprisingly delicious. If you are tired of fried instant noodles, you can try this. The hand-rolled noodles are very tough. The taste of Laotan sauerkraut is also very authentic, I like it. 💕

4. Korean PALDO Ba Dao Seafood Fried Ma Noodle Soup (upper left): Looking at the packaging, I thought it might be a famous Korean chef. I thought it should be good and took it. The seafood taste is very strong and spicy. To be honest, the noodles are quite similar to Xin ramen. Those who like spicy seafood can try this.

5. Baijia Chenji Baixiang is convenient for fans (left): This is the same taste as in China. Those who are tired of noodles can change their taste to eat fans.

6. Shoutao Shrimp Wonton Flavored Soup Pho (top): Very light and delicious, it should meet the taste of people who don’t eat spicy food.

🍜 Basically, there is no one who steps on the thunder. The bottom of the horfen Yangchun noodles is taken casually in the Chinese Super League. It is unexpectedly delicious, and they are all hand-made noodles.

💕 The Chongqing spicy noodles made by Ah Kuan's family are all delicious. Those who have never tried Ah Kuan can try it. The pictures are all bought in the Supermarket, in fact, many Yamibuy sell them.

✨ I don't know if everyone will like to read it like this, but I really like to try this kind of food haha.

🌹 These are the simplest basics. There are more than 30 kinds of instant noodles at home, and there will be a few more issues like small noodles, Taiwanese noodles, snail powder, sour Spicy powder or something.

👏 Thank you for reading ❤️

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💕方面速食粉面试吃推荐😋 Part 1

👏 想做个这速食方便面或方便粉的一系列专题,因为个人很喜欢试吃这些,家里也非常多,经常除了新品都会买来试,近一年在亚米网也买了很多,像台湾拌面,螺蛳粉,小面这一些很热门的也都试过,但一次出不完想分几期出,不知道有没有人感兴趣。🌹


1. 白家陈记 阿宽重庆小面 麻辣小面 (中间 ):🌶️ 两年间回购最多的方便面之一,记得还有个酸辣味的,但是麻辣味的更正宗。应该是在美国亚超最方面买到的重庆小面的牌子,面不要煮太久,容易烂,麻辣油真的味道很香。

2. 白家陈记 阿宽 四川铺盖面 (右上 ): 也是阿宽的,第一次就爱上了,所有的口味都吃过,面是扁平的,很有韧劲,一定要尝试的一款,说是非油炸的。牛肉火锅味很惊艳,完全像在吃火锅一样,辣火锅底料味道非常的浓。😋

3.白象 老坛酸菜手擀面 ( 左 ):亚超随便拿的,非常意外的好吃,吃腻了油炸方便面的可以尝尝这款,手擀的面很有韧劲,老坛酸菜的味道也很正宗,喜欢。💕

4.韩国PALDO八道 海鲜炒玛汤面 (左上):看着包装觉得可能是韩国哪个很有名的厨师,觉得应该不错就拿了。海鲜味很浓啊,挺辣的,面饼说实话跟辛拉面挺像的,喜欢吃香辣海鲜口味的可以尝试这款。

5.白家陈记 白象 方便粉丝 ( 左 ): 这个就是跟国内一样的味道,吃腻面的可以换个口味吃粉丝。

6.寿桃 鲜虾云吞味汤河粉 (上):很清淡鲜美,应该符合不吃辣的人的口味,鲜虾味很浓,不能煮太久,不然河粉容易断。

🍜 基本上没有踩雷的,最下面的河粉阳春面是在中超随便拿的,意外的好吃,都是手擀面。

💕 阿宽家做的重庆辣面都很好吃,没吃过阿宽的可以试试。图里都是在中超买的,其实很多亚米网都有卖。

✨ 不知道这样写大家会不会喜欢看,还挺喜欢做这种试吃的哈哈。

🌹 这些都是最简单基础的,家里还有30多种各式各样的方面速食面,之后还会出几期做像小面吖,台湾拌面的牌子吖,螺蛳粉吖,酸辣粉什么的。

👏 谢谢阅读 ❤️