As a boy, I really like the mask of Leaders brand. Many friends have been used by me and said that it is easy to use! The amount of nutrient solution is conscientious, the price is good, the key is that it is very comfortable to stick to the face! After taking it off and washing my face, I feel refreshed, and the oil control effect is not bad. I basically stock up several sheets every time. I really recommend it! Comparable to Dr. Jart, I think it's better than JG 😂
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作為一個男生,我是真的很喜歡Leaders這個牌子的面膜了,很多朋友被我安利過,也說好用!營養液的份量良心,價格還好,關鍵是貼到臉上很舒服!拿下來後洗完臉,感覺整個人都舒爽了,控油效果還不錯,基本每次都會囤好幾張,真心推薦啊!跟Dr. Jart有得一比的啊,我感覺比JG還好用😂