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Today I want to share a steamed egg that looks very stylish, super simple, and feels like it took a lot of time to make🥚. I eat too much steamed eggs in general. Today, let's try a different flavor and try the four-color steamed eggs that have been popular for a summer on Douyin. The upper layer is a little tough, the lower layer is soft and tender, and there are ham, preserved eggs, and crab sticks in the middle, and the taste is rich. It can be eaten with a dipping sauce or on its own. For children, you can go for preserved eggs and crab sticks, just use ham and add some corn or green beans, and take the light route.



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How to:

-Separate egg yolks and whites into two bowls.

-preserved eggs and ham cut into small pieces for later use.

-Prepare a container that can be placed on a steamer. I use a glass insulated box, and touch the bottom and sides with oil.

-Put the ham, crab sticks, and preserved eggs into the bottom, pour in the egg whites, cover with plastic wrap, Poke a few holes with a toothpick. Place in a steamer that has been rolled to the air and steam for 15minutes.

-Pour in the beaten egg yolk after the egg whites solidify, cover with plastic wrap and continue to steam 10min.

-Take it out and cut it into pieces to eat.


1. The dipping sauce can be prepared with soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, garlic, and sesame oil.

2. Do not beat the egg whites, otherwise the bubbles will steam out and it will not be smooth and flat.

3. There is no seasoning because the ham and crab sticks have a salty taste, and they are salty and tasteless Not enough for dipping sauce.

4. Put it in a long or square container, it will be thicker and more beautiful when steamed.

5. The eggs that have just been steamed are more difficult to come out of the membrane, so you can wait for a little bit of cooling before pouring them out.

Anyone who can start a fire without burning down the kitchen should be able to. The ingredients can be changed according to your liking. Anyway, as long as the color looks good, you can try it. If you don't like preserved eggs, you can omit it completely. I hope to make everyone's menu more colorful, remember to like it if you like it👍Oh!

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1. 蘸料可以用醬油,醋,辣椒,蒜,再加麻油調製。

2. 蛋清不要打發,不然有氣泡蒸出來就不光滑,不平了。

3. 沒有下調料因為火腿跟蟹柳都有鹹味了,再加反而鹹,而且味道不夠可以蘸醬。

4. 用長型或四方形小點的容器裝,蒸出來會比較厚實也漂亮。

5. 剛剛蒸好的蛋比較難出膜,可以等涼一點點再倒出來。