Passion Fruit Cupcakes

It's been a long time since I made a cake I ate a passion fruit yesterday span> I found the scent of passion fruit so special And then I wanted to combine the taste of cake and passion fruit So here is the cake Passion Fruit Cupcakes

The required materials are

whole eggs2pcs

Low-gluten flour50g

Corn meal12g

caster sugar50g

Condensed milk10g

Passion Fruit Juice10g

Salad Oil15g

A small pot of hot water (about 45-50degrees) span>

(This recipe makes 6 cupcakes)

Step 1: Prepare a large bowl and pour two whole eggs and sugar into it Heat the rack on a small pot with 45degree hot water Whip with an electric whisk

Step 2: Beat until the batter is even and fine. < /span>

(Stop the egg beater lift the picture"8"word found< span class="s2">"8"Straight and slow The disappearance means that the custard is ready)

Step 3: Sift the low-gluten flour and cornmeal into the batter

Whisk gently with a hand mixer

Step 4: (You can preheat the oven at this time) Mix the condensed milk, passion fruit juice and salad oil evenly Dug out a portion of the egg batter and add it to it and mix well 

Step 5: Bring the mixed condensed milk, passion fruit juice, and salad oil back to the previously beaten batter < /span>Use a hand whisk or spatula to gently mix evenly mix until The batter is fine and shiny

Step 6: Pour all the mixed batter evenly into6 In the paper cup tap the paper cup to shake out large bubbles before putting it into the oven

Step 7: Place the cupcakes in the preheated180degrees In the oven bake15-20minutes or so

Step 8: Take the baked cake out of the pan and put it on a cooling rack to cool before eating

Review: This time I specially chose the sour passion fruit to make this cake Because I want to neutralize the sugar in the recipe so the final product will taste a little sweet and sour Feels like my family prefers this flavor < span class="s1">Like the unique taste of passion fruit Friends who like this recipe can also try making it ☺️

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好久没做蛋糕啦 昨天吃了一个百香果的时候 发现百香果的香味好香好特别 然后就想把蛋糕和百香果的味道结合在一起 所以就有了下面这款蛋糕 百香果纸杯蛋糕











第一步:准备一个大碗把两个全蛋和白砂糖倒入 把碗架在装有45度热水的小锅上以隔水加热的方式 用电动打蛋器打发


(停止打蛋器 提起画“8” 发现“8”字明显 且缓慢消失说明蛋糊已经打发好啦)



第四步:(此时可以先预热烤箱)将炼乳、百香果汁和沙拉油混合均匀 再挖一部分蛋糊加入其中搅拌均匀 

第五步:将混合好的炼乳、百香果汁、沙拉油混合液全部带回之前打好的面糊中 再用手动打蛋器或者刮刀轻柔的翻拌均匀 搅拌到面糊细腻光亮即可

第六步:将全部混合好的面糊平均倒入6个纸杯当中 入烤箱前轻敲下纸杯振出大气泡

第七步:将纸杯蛋糕放入预热好的180度烤箱内 15-20分钟左右即可


评价:这次特地选的是比较酸一点的百香果来做这款蛋糕 因为想和配方中的糖分中和 所以最后的成品吃起来会有点酸酸甜甜的感觉 我家人都比较喜欢这种口味 喜欢百香果其中的独特味道 喜欢这个配方的小伙伴也可以尝试一下制作哦☺️