Biore sunscreen, Juju love _(:ᗤ"ㄥ)_(I didn't mean to touch porcelain Ju Laosi) I have always liked Biore's sunscreen. The yellow bottle of water-sensing sunscreen 30 used in high school is very cheap and has a lot of quantity. Later, I bought a limited edition of SPF30 for cherry blossoms. After the Shiseido small white bottle was used up, I bought this small blue bottle of SPF50 from Biore at Yamibuy~ Generally speaking, Biore's sunscreen is mainly refreshing, but this 50 is still not as refreshing as 30. The texture is liquid, and it is easy to spread on the face. It has a little whitening effect and pore blocking effect. In the third picture, most of the sunscreen on the right side of the back of the hand feels white and slippery. When you first apply it, it will feel a little oily, but after it is absorbed into a film, it will feel extremely smooth and dry~~~ I quite recommend it, after all, even Zhu Yilong wants to kiss it😝 The disadvantage is that there is a little alcohol smell, but it only smells better after you apply it for a moment~
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碧柔防晒 居居都爱_(:ᗤ」ㄥ)_(没有碰瓷居老斯的意思) 碧柔的防晒我一直很喜欢 高中用的水感防晒30的那个黄瓶 很平价量也多 后来还买过SPF30的樱花限定款 资生堂小白瓶用完了之后在亚米买了碧柔的这个SPF50的小蓝瓶~ 总体来说碧柔的防晒主打清爽 但是这个50的还是没30的清爽 质地是液体状 点涂在脸上很好抹匀 有一点点的增白效果和遮毛孔效果 第三张图手背右边大部分抹了这个防晒霜感觉白了抹上去感觉滑滑的 刚抹的时候会觉得有一点油 吸收成膜后就会觉得无比顺滑干爽~~~我还蛮推荐的 毕竟连朱一龙都想亲它😝 缺点是有一点点酒精味 但是只是刚抹上去一瞬间的事 后面味道就变得比较好闻了~