Hey! I have stars on my face 🌟yo!

💕I wrote this star mask a long time ago.< /span>Personally I like it very much.At that time, I used a small sample outfit span>.

💕This timefabfitfunboxadd on, I can't get a box20The price of the knife bought the mask of the original price59knife. So I quickly repurchased two cans to stock up! By the way, add some more experience

💕 This star mask is different from ordinary luminous masks, in addition to the original effect, the sparkling mask also adds interesting star flashes Glitter, licorice, and marshmallow leaves! Maintains skin elasticity and moisture on the basis of the original mask, and can also smooth wrinkles!

💕 Each jar comes with a small brush

💕The whole process of applying is also very interesting, that is, the whole faceblingbling span>the. its texture.The taste is a bit similar to the purple tin of the luminous mask. They are both sticky textures, and they are also tear-off masks.  

💕It is recommended that this type of mask should be applied with a brush. Come clean. Second, it will not get sticky feeling everywhere. Then swipe the entire face and wait quietly for it to dry.

💕Don't worry about the sequins flying when you put it on your face·< span class="s2">The adhesion is super good, and it will feel a little hot when you just put it on your face. But it doesn't hurt. In the middle of waiting to dry,· will gradually feel a little restraint and a little tightness on the face. This is a normal state. Waiting for the mask to dry, you can tear it off very well..The whole tear off is very cool!

‼ ️ If you insist on nitpicking, I think there are several shortcomings that are not considered shortcomings. One is that the residual black paste must be washed off with a little force. Some small places I picked out with my hands. Second, when the mask is applied to the face for the first time, there will be a slight sense of existence of small flakes. If the skin is particularly sensitive, the fairy may feel a little thorn. However, after applying it a few times, the skin will get used to this feeling and it will not have a particularly big feeling. I can accept both. So I still like it after trying it out.

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💕这次趁着fabfitfun盒子add on的时候,我以一盒不到20刀的价格购买了原价59刀的面膜。所以我赶紧回购了了两罐囤着!顺便多补充一些心得

💕 这款星星面膜与普通发光面膜不同的是,除了原有的功效,闪光面膜中还多了增加趣味性的星星闪亮片、甘草、与棉花糖叶! 在面膜原有的基础上保持皮肤弹性水润,还能平复皱纹!


💕敷整个过程也特别有意思,就是整张脸blingbling的. 它的质地.味道和发光面膜紫罐是有点相像,都是属于比较有黏性的质地,也都是撕拉面膜。 



‼️ 如果硬要鸡蛋里挑骨头的话,我觉得有几个不算缺点的缺点。一个是残留的黑色膏体必须用点力才好洗掉。有的小地方我用手抠掉。二是第一次面膜上脸的时候,稍稍会有小闪片的存在感,如果皮肤特别敏感的仙女可能会感觉有点此刺。不过多涂几下皮肤适应了这种感觉就不会有特别大的感觉。这两个点我都可以接受。所以我这次试用下来对它还是喜欢的。