Pie's Toner Collection

There are thousands of toners, and there are always a few that are constantly repurchased and are always on the makeup table. < span class="s1">Let's have a small collection of toners that are always at hand today~

• Albion |Healthy Water

Likeness  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

   Since entering the pit of healthy water , I haven't climbed out.. I feel that the healthy water I bought over the years is about to cut out an empty bottle< /span>(⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎). Wet compress is really much more effective than ordinary wiping. After all, I bought It is necessary to have an effect. This cannot be saved..

   Specific compliments and compresses The method, please read the list before moving to the cake~ To avoid the suspicion of repeating the list, I will not be verbose here. Anyway, I've written about healthy water too many times, it's been nearly 5years The experience of using is really not covered~

Dr.Urban |Pore Conditioning Water

Likeness 🌟🌟🌟🌟

   YamanThe best partner for beauty devices . WhereasYamanThere are many requirements for the water used in combination, and the water produced by myself has to be expensive and troublesome to order from Japan every time. The cheap substitute is Dr. Shirono.. . span>After use, the skin feels cold and cool, and with the cooling effect, it is as refreshing as running home in summer and drinking a big cold beer in one breath🍺.

   Other than that, every two weeks After deep cleaning of pores, I also like to wet compress Dr. Shiro Ye to shrink pores. Because of the low price, it is not distressing to use . The effect of using it generously to reduce pores is also gratifying.

• SK-II |Fairy Water

Likeness 🌟🌟🌟


   Adult acne and puberty Acne is very different. It is not solved by acne creams. Long-term skin conditioning is the king.. 

   Although I have troublesome acne +sensitive skin,SKIIThe tolerance is not high, and there is occasional redness, but the cotton pad is used and discarded the next day, and it is still ok to press directly on the face with your hands. 

   Always feel like CostcoBought330ml and general The fairy water bought in Japan is different when used.. The taste of saliva is not so heavy, and the effect is average . You don’t want to spend what you have on handCostcoBought it. Maybe it's a psychological effect, but the principle of getting what you pay for is still convincing span>.

• IPSA |Golden Water

Likeness 🌟

   The name is always associated with gold Years, a little nostalgic and a little sigh.. I also think of watching it when I was a child tvb, think of Ding Shanben and Cheng Tianlan. with this name I bought this bottle of limited edition by mistake..

   Actually gold is for me Very tasteless, not very hydrating and a little greasy.. But I can't arbitrarily say that it is a thunderbolt, it may just be It's not suitable for my skin.. Those who have dry skin around me are full of praise for it~


   I have to say, this beautiful The blue bottle is really addicting.

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爽肤水千千万万,总有几支是不断回购,常驻在化妆台上. 今天就来个手边常在的爽肤水小集合吧~

• Albion |健康水

喜爱程度  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

   自从入了健康水的坑,就没爬出来过. 感觉这些年买的健康水都快可以扎出一只空瓶伐了(⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎). 湿敷对闭口的作用真的比普通擦拭有效得多,毕竟买了就要有作用才是,这点是不能省的啦.

   具体称赞的话语和湿敷的方法,请移步去饼饼之前晒单翻阅哦~为免有重复晒单的嫌疑,我就不在这里啰嗦啦. 反正健康水我真的真的真的写过太多遍了,这将近5年的使用经验真不是盖的~

城野医生 |毛孔收敛水

喜爱程度 🌟🌟🌟🌟

   Yaman美容仪的最佳搭档. 鉴于Yaman对搭配使用的水要求多,自家出的水每次都要从日本订来贵且麻烦,平价代替品就非城野医生莫属了. 使用后感觉皮肤冰冰凉凉的,加上冷却的效果,就像夏天跑回家一口气喝下一大扎冰啤酒般爽快🍺.

   除此以外,每两周做完毛孔的深层清洁,也喜欢湿敷城野医生来收敛毛孔. 因为价格低廉,所以用起来不心疼. 大手笔用下去毛孔的效果也是可喜的.

• SK-II |神仙水

喜爱程度 🌟🌟🌟




   总感觉在Costco买的330ml 和一般在日代买的神仙水用起来不一样. 口水味没那么重,效果也一般般. 用完手上的就不想在Costco买了. 也许是心理作用,但一分钱一分货的道理还是信服的.

• IPSA |流金水

喜爱程度 🌟

   这个名字总联想起流金岁月,有点怀旧有点叹息的感觉. 也联想到小时候看tvb,想到丁善本和程天蓝. 带着对这个名字的好感误打误撞买到了这瓶限定版.

   其实流金水对我来说挺鸡肋的,没有很补水之余还有点腻. 但我不能武断地说它是雷品,可能只是不适合我的皮肤而已. 身边有干皮的盆友都它可是赞不绝口的~