Love to use high light Top5

Highlights are not necessary in a makeup look, but they are definitely the finishing touch. In addition to making the face contour more prominent, it can also become a focal point when nodding and turning..

Today I will talk about the highlights that illuminate me the mostTop 5 Let's~

🔮 Becca shimmering skin perfecter

—Prismatic Amethyst

Becca's limited-edition lavender purple highlight is really beautiful. It's the kind of pink and purple that you will like at a glance.  Although it is said to be limited when it is launched, it is actually quite easy to buy, and it is not particularly out of stock.

The outer casing is the electro-optical system that has been popular in the past two years. The reflection is purple and pink, and it hits my heart with a single blow❤️

BeccaThis plate is very powdery and super colored, please take the powder lightly👼 🏻 If you don't pay attention, it will become very visible..

🌸 Shiseido PK107

It is also represented by the highlights of pink and purple polarized light, I have to mentionPK107.

It has been reported that the discontinued out-of-print107 has been delayed for two or three years. Still active in the market, it has to be called the most lingering out-of-print highlight.

Compared toBecca,pk107is standard Japanese cosmetics, light and natural without makeup.

Appears on nude makeup as if the light powder is a natural white and reddish complexion.. 0 p0

☕️ Kevyn AucoinThe Contour Duo 

What attracted me most to this travel pack was the shade.

 The perfect fusion of red, brown and gray makes That shade is natural-looking, especially for Asian skin tones.

And shadecandlelight 's highlight is a surprise.

The fine powdery texture and the gentle pearl shine make you want to exclaim when you first touch it.. p>

When there is no special need to match eye shadow and overall makeup, the most commonly used highlighter is it. p>

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高光在一个妆容里面虽然不是必须,但绝对是点睛之笔. 除了让脸部轮廓更突出,还能在点头转身间,成为一抹惹人的焦点.

今天就来说说众多高光中,最照亮我Top 5吧~

🔮 Becca shimmering skin perfecter

— Prismatic Amethyst

Becca的限量薰衣草紫高光真的超美.是那種看一眼就會喜歡的粉紫.  虽然推出时说的是限量,但其实蛮容易买到的,并不算特别缺货.


Becca这盘很粉糯超上色,請輕手取粉👼🏻 一不留神下手重了,就会变得很显毛孔了.

🌸 ShiseidoPK107





☕️ Kevyn AucoinThe Contour Duo 



而色号candlelight 的这块高光则是个意外惊喜.