Eye shadow control is coming to Amway's new plate again

💕pat MCNew10Eyeshadow Palette! Finally received it! So good..It's comingcoming soon< I have been waiting for the status of span class="s3">! Finally bought it! First Olympic ID photo! Did you get burned?😍!

💕I use this dishsephoraPoints redeemed100gcBuy drop! So it is equivalent to spending 20 to start with the price of more than one knife! Really good deal.

💕 The packaging continues its usual style.With special and heart-warming, this time The box is red toned. It can be understood that this plate is also a red-based plate..

💕After opening.Inside is black box packaging. The quality of the box is great! Heavy and special.

💕 pat mcgrath's eye shadow powder is really amazing! I fell in love with the six-color palette last time.this time10The color palette of the color wheel really burned me. There are matte, pearlescent and polarized colors in this plate..Although the color at first glance is red, red, gold and gold .Actually, I think color matching is very everyday. Red and polarized colors can play a more eye-catching role.

💕Forgive me for not trying colors.Take a photo of your ID this time. Next time, use it to draw and share!

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💕pat MC家新出的10色眼影盘!终于收到了啦!好开熏啊.它在coming soon的状态我就一直等!终于买到啊啊!先上一奥证件照!烧到你了吗😍




💕pat mcgrath的眼影粉质真的可以赞!上次买了六色盘后我就深深爱上.这次10色盘的配色真的有烧到我。这盘里有哑光有珠光还有偏光的色.虽然乍看之下的配色红红金金的.其实我觉得配色很日常呢。红色和偏光色更能起到点睛的作用。