A good makeup look is of course the most important makeup‼ ️ Want thin and light? Plain makeup? nature? Of course, those make-up techniques that are earth-shattering and crying ghosts and gods are not based on a flawless face, but even the worst foundation can be turned into a natural look... Okay, too much nonsense to pave the way 😂 Let’s get to the topic (declaration first, Loulou is a sensitive oil mixer ~ eating spicy and drinking ice and staying up late will cause acne ~ little fairy in other situations 🧚‍♀️I don’t know about it~ COVERMARK is the best foundation I've ever used! Oil control Max❗️Concealer Max❗️Persistence Max❗️It is also absolutely kind to sensitive skin~ The paste is jelly-like~ It comes with a small spoon, which can be easily pushed away by hand~ I personally tried it with a soaked one Makeup on a beauty egg, but it is not as good as a concealer on your fingers~ In addition, it is better to apply it by swiping and patting~ The dosage is at most the size of a soybean grain, which depends on the individual skin type. Use with ELIXIR Makeup Primer. After applying makeup, it may feel a little heavy at first, but the longer the time, the better the concealer and the more docile the makeup will be. It is really good for the little fairies who are prone to oily skin in the T-zone. 🧚‍♀️Because you will find that the combination of base makeup and oil really achieves the effect of creamy skin, zero pores, and zero blemishes‼ ️Since using this foundation cream, I have never used concealer when I have acne~ Next, let's talk about PEARLBLANC's makeup cream ❤️ I believe that many little fairies who go to school 🧚‍♀️ will encounter a problem... they can't get up in the morning class! What to do if you don't have time for makeup! use this! The complexion instantly ⬆️up a few levels❗️ It will really turn white! It’s not fake white~ It’s a very natural kind of white with no makeup feeling~ In addition, it has the effect of concealer~ Of course, it is not as good as foundation effect~ But it will make the color of acne lighter, and it will be more docile after a long time, There will be a little invisible effect~ The most important thing is that my skin seems to be a little better after using this product❗️
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一个好的妆容当然底妆最重要‼️ 想要轻薄?素颜?自然? 那些惊天地泣鬼神的化妆术当然不是靠一张毫无瑕疵的脸,而是就算再差的底子都能化出自然的素颜感… 好了,太多废话铺垫了😂进入正题(先声明一下哈,楼楼是敏感混油机~吃辣喝冰熬夜会长痘~其他情况的小仙女🧚‍♀️我就不知啦~ COVERMARK 这个粉底霜真真是我用过最好用的!控油力 Max❗️遮瑕度 Max❗️持久性 Max❗️对敏感肌也是绝对亲切的~ 膏体是果冻凝胶状的~ 附赠一个小勺,用手就可轻易推开~ 个人试过用浸湿的美妆蛋上妆,不过不如手指上妆的遮瑕效果好~ 另外,涂抹不如点涂拍打延展的效果好~ 用量顶多只需黄豆粒大小,具体根据个人肤质情况而定。搭配 ELIXIR 妆前乳使用,上妆完毕后,刚开始可能会觉得有些厚重,不过时间越久,遮瑕力度越好,妆容越服帖,针对T字区较容易出油的混油皮小仙女真真是极好的🧚‍♀️因为你会发现底妆和油融合后真正达到了奶油肌、零毛孔、零瑕疵的效果‼️自从用了这款粉底霜,起痘痘的时候都没再用过遮瑕哦~ 接下来说一说 PEARLBLANC这款素颜霜❤️ 我相信很多上学的小仙女🧚‍♀️都会遇到一个问题…早课起不来!没时间化妆怎么办!用这个! 气色瞬间⬆️up了几个level❗️真的会变白!不是假白哦~是很自然的那种素颜感的白~另外还有遮瑕的效果哩~当然肯定不如粉底效果好啦~但是会使痘痘的颜色变浅变淡,时间久了更加服帖,会有点隐形的效果~最重要的是,感觉皮肤用了这款产品之后好似真的会变好一点点哦❗️