💕Tell me about my must-have products for detoxification, conditioning and slimming ( Part 1 )✨

Hello everyone, I'm Nicole

👏 I would like to share with you the detox and body control products I have purchased for many years✨


Because there is a lot of talk, it will be divided into upper and lower

I don't know how many people are watching this time period, I hope it can be helpful to everyone

The following is what I have been repurchasing for the past 3 years, the stock must be there

 I will not tell you how to lose weight and how to control it to lose weight. There are hundreds of articles on the Internet, because if you want to lose weight, it must be exercise.

Go to the gym 5 days a week, exercise different parts each day, and then combine it with a three-meal diet of sugar-free, low-salt, and low-carb. But my stomach is not good, and sometimes I want to eat some p0 fast food and sometimes go out to dinner with friends,

So I rely on the following to control my body 💕

1. Skinnymint Teatox Tea Bag Day & Night

2. Japan Shingu Enzyme Overnight Sleep & Slimming Plus                                            

3. Yamamoto Kampo Pharmaceutical Coix Tea                                  



6. Yamamoto Kampo Barley Green Juice Powder                    ;         

7. Yamamoto Kampo Pharmaceutical, Japan's Zhiliu Tea


✨ The above are listed according to the most significant effect for me personally, except for the first Skinnymint


I can only buy them on their official website. I often buy the rest from Yamibuy. Later, I asked my friends to bring them from Japan.


🌹 Then I will briefly talk about my personal feelings and effects


One or two of these products I may read and write in a separate article, because it is very easy to use ✨



Introduce in order


❤️ Skinnymint Teatox Tea Bag Day & Night


The last picture makes you feel how much I can't live without this product. I have used it for a whole year and a half, and I have never dared to stop it. This is only a small part of it


This brand is American, called Skinnymint. It was planted by Youtuber at the beginning of last year. After trying their 28 day teatox, I couldn't live without it. If you have constipation, your stomach is not very good, and your stomach is often bloated. It is recommended to buy this one for a month to try. Their one course of treatment is like the second picture below, and they drink it every day for 28 days in a month. day bag, then night bag every night of the day.

👉Effect: Detoxify, relieve bloating, and make gastrointestinal health and peristalsis smooth


💕 will open a separate channel to introduce it, and how to drink it




💗Japan Shingu Enzyme Night Sleep Slimming Enhanced Edition

    This famous Japanese enzyme needs no introduction. It is absolutely impossible to rely on it to lose weight, because I personally tried eating it for two months, and I did not lose weight at all. So why the second place? Because its effect is that after you eat a lot at night, it can speed up your burning. It is an auxiliary product. It will keep you from gaining weight, but it is impossible to lose fat.

    Since I started exercising a few years ago, I have stopped eating disorderly and have relatively good diet and exercise control, but I will go out to dinner with friends or eat instant noodles and potato chips. If you eat it, you won't gain weight the next day. If you are a person who eats indiscriminately every day and doesn't exercise, you don't need to buy this.

👉Effect : Use one sachet after a big meal, the weight will not increase the next day, it is recommended to use one sachet every night when traveling, it can condition the body's gastrointestinal disorders caused by regional incompatibility.



💖Japan Yamamoto Kampo Pharmaceutical Coix Tea

    I bought this out of curiosity when I was shopping at Yami and tried it out. It's really cheap and works great

    I will drink it in combination with Skinnymint's Night Cleanse Bag, one night with Skinnymint's night teabag, and one night with this barley tea, alternately, the stomach is really very smooth.

👉 Effect : Laxative and detoxification



Okay, I just want to recommend it here ✨


The remaining 4 will be published later (below)


All are my personal experience and feelings, but the effects of these products will definitely vary from person to person


I can only say that these are the most suitable for me, and I want everyone to try it out


💕 Thank you for reading :)

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💕说说我必备的排毒调理瘦身产品 ( 上 )✨

Hello, 大家 ,我是 Nicole

👏 想跟大家分享下我购买了很多年的排毒控制身材的产品✨







所以我就是靠下面这些来控制我的身材的 💕

1. Skinnymint Teatox Tea Bag Day & Night

2. 日本新谷酵素 夜用睡眠瘦身 加强版                                               

3. 日本山本汉方制药 薏仁茶                                               

4. 日本 DOKKAN SERIES 植物酵素力量夜间瘦身                                               

5. 日本 DHC 下半身瘦腿                                                

6. 日本山本汉方 大麦若叶青汁粉末                                             

7. 日本山本汉方制药 脂流茶


✨ 以上是我按照对我个人来说效果最显著的来排,除了第一个Skinnymint




🌹 那我就简略说下个人感受和效果啦


其中有一两个产品我可能会单独看一篇来写,因为很好用 ✨





❤️ Skinnymint Teatox Tea Bag Day & Night




这个牌子是美国的,叫Skinnymint,去年年初被Youtuber种草的,试了他们的28 day teatox就离不开了。 如果有便秘的朋友,肠胃不是很好,肚子经常胀气的,很推荐买一个月的这个来试试,他们一个疗程是像下面第二张图那样,一个月内白天28天每天就泡着喝day bag,然后每个一天的晚上喝night bag。

👉效果 : 排毒素,解肚子胀气,让肠胃健康蠕动很顺畅


💕 会单独开个频道来介绍它,和喝法




💗日本新谷酵素 夜用睡眠瘦身 加强版

    这个鼎鼎大名的日本酵素应该不用介绍了,想要靠它来减肥是真的绝对不可能的,因为我亲身试验过连续吃它两个月,一点都没瘦。所以为什么排第二? 因为它的效果是在比如你晚上吃的非常多以后,它可以加快你的燃烧,就是辅助产品,它会让你不增胖,但是不可能会掉脂肪。


👉 效果 :大餐后用一包,第二天体重不会涨,建议旅游的时候每晚用一包,可以条件身体可能因为地区不适应而导致的肠胃失调。



💖日本山本汉方制药 薏仁茶


    我会结合Skinnymint的 Night Cleanse Bag来喝,一个晚上喝Skinnymint的night teabag,一个晚上喝这个薏仁茶,这样交替着,真的肠胃非常非常的通顺。

👉 效果 : 通便排毒



好啦,我就想先推荐到这 ✨


剩下没说的4个会再之后出的 ( 下 )里面






💕 谢谢阅读 :)