JM Solution Brightening Aurora Mask

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Price:9.99USD 10 slices

Smell: Comfortable I think the sakura scent overwhelms the rose scent There is a kind of soothing feeling

Mask paper: very soft fine to the touch It's also good on the face very docile

Essence: Like Milk Looks sticky Not really There's a lot left in the bag Let me touch neck arms and on hand


The official announcement is Hydrating and moisturizing💦 Brightening Wrinkle Improvement Antioxidant 

Current results Not yet available Because it is in the process of applying after applying will be mentioned in the comments or in the next article

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JM Solution 润光欧若拉面膜


价格:9.99美元 10

味道:舒服我觉得樱花味盖过了玫瑰味 有种舒缓的感觉

面膜纸:很软 手感细腻 上脸后也不错 很服帖

精华: 像牛奶 看着很粘稠 其实不 袋子里还剩好多 让我摸脖子 手臂 和手上了


官方公布是 保湿补水💦 美白提亮 改善皱纹 抗氧化 

目前结果 还不能给 因为正在敷的过程中 敷完后 会在评论里或者下一篇文章提及