This time I stock up on the delicious Pixian Douban Sauce I know without my evaluation, and Yongchuan Douchi, which tastes very good with steamed fish and spare ribs. Master Kong's milk tea and iced black tea taste as good as ever, and I don't need to say more about konjac cool and dried fish. tasty! The main event is here! Still a mask! My dear face masks! (Shouting from a straight guy) Again, Leaders are really easy to use! Although some people advised me not to use too many Korean makeup masks, I still can't give up Leaders! Super fit on the face and full of nutrient solution, it will not be too irritating, after washing the face, it is super refreshing, and the moisturizing effect is first-class! This time I deliberately bought several models to try the difference, and I also tried this mallow water lily brightening mask by the way. It's not bad, but I think the alcohol smell is a bit heavy? It’s quite irritating, and sensitive skin should be used with caution. If you can bear it, the effect is actually acceptable~ Mmmm, I’ll probably stock up on masks next time I place an order hahahaha (shy from a straight man)
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