What would you like to drink? look here!

1⃣️ It is a high-quality Japanese carbonated drink...I bought the watermelon flavor, but no juice was added. Looking at the ingredient list, 30g sugar, the sugar content is very high! ! But I bought him because I saw his appearance and bought it back to try it out.

This bottle is mango, there are others, and the bottles are lovely.

2⃣️Coconut milk just looks for [Coconut Brand] This is really a drink since childhood, I like it very much, other brands of coconut The juice is not as delicious as coconut, especially if it has been chilled in the refrigerator, accompanied by hot pot...OMG Invincible!

It will run out soon, so I will stock up on it next time

3⃣️Soy milk🥛 , I've never tried this one, but the Yami's rating is good, it's like buying it and trying it out for breakfast.

4⃣️Soy milk powder, this is also mixed with hot water, you can shoot a cup of soy milk. I drank it once, also as an early drink, and it felt average, not very sweet, maybe I put too much water. But it still feels pretty healthy. It is more suitable for people like me who are too lazy to make breakfast. A few pieces of bread to accompany soy milk, it feels good~

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1⃣️ 是高颜值的日本碳酸饮料...我买的是西瓜味的,但是没有果汁添加。看了看成分表,30g的糖,糖含量好高!!但是买他就是因为看中了他的颜值,买回来尝尝鲜。


2⃣️椰奶就认准【椰树牌】这个真的是从小喝到大,特别喜欢,其他牌子的椰汁都不像椰树的好喝,尤其是放在冰箱里冰镇过,陪着火锅...OMG 无敌!