Rich and Sweet Chocolate Cupcakes

Today I bring you chocolate cupcakes Chocolate looks simple< /span> But I don't think it's easy to make chocolate cakes After all, the first two times I failed to make chocolate cake The main reason is to bake it The inside of the cake is too moist It can't be taken out when it comes to baking time Extended baking time the skin is baked again becomes like a cookie Same crunchy texture but still too moist on the inside So the first two times I didn't find a recipe for me or my oven tempered chocolate cupcakes

Happy After two failures< span class="s2"> I finally found a recipe for successful chocolate cupcakes So share it now 

Prepare the ingredients first (this recipe is good for 12cupcakes)12 span>

yolk 4pcs

Proteins 4pcs

Low-gluten flour 60g

Milk 70g

Vegetable Oil 45g

Sugar 60g

Cocoa Powder 25g

Cake Cups 12pcs

This chocolate cupcake requires a frying method so

Step 1: Separating eggs The separated egg yolks can be put aside The egg whites can be refrigerated

Step 2: Pour the oil into a small pot Put it on the induction cooker Turn on the minimum heat and heat When heated to the surface of the vegetable oil, oil filaments appear (probably55-65Better degrees It is better to have a temperature gun to measure Good) Friends who have a microwave at home can also put the vegetable oil into the microwave and heat it on high for one minute

Step 2: Sift the low-gluten flour and cocoa powder into the oil Mix quickly then add egg yolks and mix well, then add milk and mix well Mix until the batter is smooth without lumps The mixed egg yolk batter needs to be Cover with plastic wrap and set aside for later use

Step 3: At this time, you can preheat the oven to 100 degrees Then let's whip the egg whites Add sugar in three times While the egg whites appear thick bubbles The bubbles get smaller When the meringue becomes finer (There are specific operation steps in the post I posted before. For details, please refer to the post I wrote before. ) When the egg whites are beaten to this extent (wet foaming a little dry look)

Step 4: Spoon1/3Add the egg white paste to the egg yolk paste< /span> Don't be afraid if your yolk batter is a little curd < span class="s1">Use some force when cutting and mixing Mix the two batters well Then pour the mixed batter back into the meringue batter and mix well by stirring

Step 5: When the two batters are mixed to this extent, it is OK Very smooth, delicate and thick state falls from a height like a layer of satin But it will disappear after a while.

Step 6: Pour the mixed batter into a piping bag Squeeze batter into cake cups Fill all cups with batter and send to oven Knock a few times before entering the oven to shake out large bubbles

Step 7: Cupcakes are baked in100degree oven< /span>15mins later Adjust the temperature to 110degrees and bake10< span class="s1">minutes then adjust the temperature to 120degree bake10minutes Adjust the temperature to 130degree bake10minutes return the temperature Bake to 140degrees10minutes final150degree bake20minutes < span class="s1">So this chocolate cupcake needs Total baking time in the oven is 75minutes Finally simmer in the oven3mins, then remove and let cool on the grill before serving as decoration

This recipe is actually not that difficult. It's when the cake is baked The temperature needs to be adjusted. This action is cumbersome anywayThe final baked cake is delicate and soft So it doesn't matter what the tedious process is

This chocolate cupcake is fluffy and creamy I hope you like it span>💕

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今天给大家带来的是巧克力纸杯蛋糕 巧克力看似简单 但是我觉得要做好巧克力蛋糕还是不容易的 毕竟前两次做巧克力蛋糕我都失败的 主要的原因是烤出来的蛋糕内里太湿润 到了烤制时间拿出来也不能定型 延长烤制时间后表皮又烤过了 变得像饼干一样脆脆的质地 但是内里还是过于湿润 所以前两次我都没有找到适合自己或者说适合我家烤箱脾气巧克力纸杯蛋糕的方子

很开心 在经历了两次失败之后的 我终于找到了可以做出成功的巧克力纸杯蛋糕配方 所以现在就来分享给大家 


蛋黄 4

蛋白 4

低筋面粉 60g

牛奶 70g

植物油 45g


可可粉 25g

蛋糕纸杯 12

这款巧克力纸杯蛋糕需要用到烫面法 所以

第一步:分蛋 分好的蛋黄可以放一边静置 蛋白可以放入冰箱冷冻一下

第二步:将油倒入一个小锅内 放在电磁炉上开最小火加热 当加热到植物油表面出现油丝即可(大概55-65度较佳 有温度枪测量更好)家里有微波炉的小伙伴也可以将植物油放入微波炉高火加热一分钟

第二步:将低筋面粉和可可粉筛入油中 快速搅拌均匀 然后加入蛋黄搅拌均匀后再加入牛奶拌匀 拌至面糊光滑没有疙瘩即可 拌好的蛋黄面糊需要盖上保鲜膜放一旁待用

第三步:这时可以先将烤箱预热到100 然后我们来打发蛋白 分三次加入糖 分别是打发蛋白出现粗大的泡泡时 泡泡变小时 蛋白糊变得开始细腻时(之前我发过的晒单文章中有具体的操作步骤 详情可以参考我之前写过的晒单哈)当蛋白打发到这种程度即可(湿性发泡 有一点点干性的样子)

第四步:勺1/3蛋白糊加入蛋黄糊中 如果你的蛋黄糊有点凝结的话不要害怕 切拌翻拌的时候用点力 将两种面糊混合好 然后再将混合好的两种面糊倒回蛋白糊中一起用翻拌的手法拌匀

第五步:当两种面糊混合到这种程度就可以啦 很顺滑细腻浓稠的状态 从高处落下像绸缎一层层叠起来 但是过一会又会消失的状态最好

第六步:将混合好的面糊倒入裱花袋中 将面糊挤进蛋糕纸杯中 把所有纸杯填满面糊后送入烤箱 进烤箱之前磕几下振出大气泡

第七步:纸杯蛋糕在100度的烤箱中烤制15分钟后 将温度调至110度再烤10分钟 然后再将温度调至120度烤10分钟 再将温度调至130度烤10分钟 再将温度调至140度烤10分钟 最后150度烤20分钟 所以这款巧克力纸杯蛋糕需要在烤箱中烤制时间一共是75分钟 最后在烤箱焖3分钟后取出放烤架上晾凉即可装饰食用

这个方子说难其实不难 就是在烤制蛋糕的时候温度需要调整这个动作上比较繁琐 anyway最后烤出来的蛋糕质地细腻柔软 所以什么繁琐的工序都不要紧啦

这款巧克力纸杯蛋糕口感松软质地细腻 希望你们会喜欢💕