A little too much 🗯 I may have overestimated my strength or underestimated the weight of this box... For sure next time I won't walk to pick up the courier again Main topic: I've only marked what I've eaten or what I think is still good ❤️ Rock Sugar Sydney — the core of this order, if I hadn’t suddenly wanted to drink it, I wouldn’t have bought this order. It’s really all freshly squeezed here. I want to drink some coloring and saccharin. ❤️ Pickled bamboo shoots - dried bamboo shoots have been promoted for a lifetime, and I have eaten their braised bamboo shoots in oil. It is super delicious, and every time I warm it up a little, I will satisfy my cravings. ❤️ Umbrella Tower Brand Mixed Noodles Seasoning - I originally thought that I might buy a la carte tomato, lettuce and eggs to make healthy... I once again underestimated my laziness... It is still convenient to mix noodles and seasoning 🤥 I have only eaten spicy noodles once. Half a pack is enough to mix noodles or soup noodles. The taste is very good. I haven't eaten the other two, but I definitely don't feel bad. ❤️ Kelp soup! ! ! ! — It’s super convenient and delicious. If I didn’t take the small piece and rinse it out, who would bring me this bowl of soup, I would definitely think it wasn’t instant food. ❤️ Wakame - a must for lazy people, this is the seaweed sprout, it is super convenient, soak it in some hot water for two or three minutes before making instant noodles, then wash it and put it inside, there will be "green vegetables" to eat ❤️ Hot and sour noodles — it won’t be bad after all ❤️ Wangzai liu lai~ I am happy when I see it, my god ❤️ Eight-course Korean Dry Mixed Noodles - Spicy and sweet taste, I thought it was normal at first, then I added a little Korean spicy sauce to it, the taste will be a little heavier, and the taste itself is not very "delicious" ❤️ Wang Shouyi! Thirteen incense! ! — A must for fried rice, perfect — Charisma 9/26
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东西有点多🗯 我可能高估了自己的力气 或者低估了这个箱子都重量… 确定的是下次 我不会再走路去取快递了 正题: 我只标记了我吃过的 或者我觉得还能不错的 ❤️ 冰糖雪梨 — 这个单的核心 如果不是我突然超级想喝 不会买这单 在这边真的全是 鲜榨的 想喝点色素 糖精都么得😠 ❤️ 泡椒笋 — 笋干一生推,吃过他家的油焖笋 超好吃 每次热一点 一顿解解馋 ❤️ 伞塔牌 拌面调料 — 原本想着自己有可能买点菜 番茄啦 生菜啦 鸡蛋啦 做做健康的… 我再一次低估了自己的懒惰… 还是拌面调料方便🤥 只吃过麻辣面的 一次用半包就够了 拌面也可以 汤面也不错 味道非常好 其他两款没吃呢 不过感觉肯定不会差 ❤️ 海带汤!!!! — 超方便 超好喝 如果不是自己拿着那小块冲开 谁给我端来这碗汤 我肯定觉得不是速食 ❤️ 裙带菜 — 懒人必备 这个就是海带芽 超方便 做泡面之前拿有点热的水泡两三分钟 再洗一下放里面 就有“青菜”吃了 ❤️ 酸辣粉 — 总归不会不好吃啦 ❤️ 旺仔liu lai~ 看到就开心我的天 ❤️ 八道韩式干拌面 — 辣甜口味 最开始吃觉得一般 然后自己往里加一点韩式辣酱 味道会重一点 它本身的味道不是很“好吃” ❤️ 王守义!十三香!! — 炒饭必备 完美 — Charisma 9/26