Dr Jart Black Pill Cleansing Mask A Dr Jart+ of @old fater planting grass Design: Unlike other DrJart masks, this one also has a non-mask wrapping paper on top, so it's obvious which one is a mask. Smell: nothing special Mask texture: black cotton, comfortable Amount of essence: The amount of essence is large, and it is well absorbed by the mask paper Fit: 80 points of fit Sensitive skin is good: sensitive skin may need to use with caution The main function: 1. Pore cleaning - the effect is very good, the skin has a cool minty feeling, and there is continuous foaming during the application. Immediately refreshing after 20 minutes. 1. Eliminate blackheads and whiteheads - Blackheads on the nose are greatly improved. Whitehead removal Day 2 Maintenance: 100% Pores are much finer. Recommended in the same series: Blue Pill This one has beaten the GlamGlow black can I used before, so I need to stock up on it.
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Dr Jart 黑药丸清洁面膜 @老胖儿种草的一款Dr Jart+ 设计:与其它DrJart面膜不同,这款面膜上面还有一张非面膜的包装纸,好在哪个是面膜很明显。 气味:没什么特别 面膜质地:黑色棉质,舒服 精华量:精华量多,都被面膜纸好好地吸收住了 贴合度:贴合度80分 敏感肌肤有好度:敏感肌可能要慎用 主要功能: 1. 毛孔清洁 - 效果很不错,皮肤有凉凉薄荷的感觉,敷的期间有不停的起泡。20分钟后立刻就很清爽。 1. 祛除黑头白头 - 鼻子处的黑头有很大改善 白头清理 第二天维持度:100% 毛孔都细腻了很多。 同系列推荐:蓝色药丸 这款已经打败了我之前用的GlamGlow黑罐,要多囤一些。