The first order of the Mid-Autumn Festival has arrived. There are normal replenishment and new products to try. Let's take a family photo first and take a look at it 😊 The first is the army of snacks. Of course, my husband's favorite melon seeds and seaweed are indispensable. This seaweed is low in salt and does not get angry. It is especially suitable for those who want to occupy their mouths. Every time they are bought in boxes, they are completely stress-free. As for me, I am a heavy taste lover at first sight. Life is indispensable for konjac, tofu skin and all kinds of spicy things. This time, I will try the octopus foot slices and recommend it. In addition, I have always liked to eat rice noodles before. I have tried many kinds of them that are either sticky to the teeth or too hard to scratch. At present, the ones I have eaten from Chuanyang are not bad, and I will try the others. After eating so much spicy and dry food, it is essential to drink something. That is the low-calorie chicory that my husband and I love the most. At present, we like the peach flavor the most, and more flavors will be in the next order. Having said so many "unhealthy" ones, let's have two healthy ones. Yamada's green juice is one of my favorites. It has a light fragrance, not greasy or sweet. If you eat less green leafy vegetables, you just want to add some green juice, then the good taste and good taste will naturally be the driving force for persistence. It's autumn, and the weather is cold, not only to add clothes but also to nourish properly. After all, maintenance is a lifelong topic. Let's talk about the foaming and practice of this sea cucumber next time. That's it this time bye
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中秋第一单到了,有正常的补货,有尝试的新品,先上一张全家福在慢慢看吧😊 首先是零食大军,老公最爱的瓜子和海苔当然不能少。这个海苔低盐不上火,对于想占嘴的特别适合,每次都是成箱的买,吃起来完全没有压力。 至于我嘛一看就是重口味爱好者,生活少不了馋魔芋和豆皮以及各种辣辣辣的东西,这次试试看章鱼足片好吃了再推荐。另外之前一直喜欢吃锅巴,试了好多种不是粘牙就是太硬划的嘴疼,目前吃到川洋的还不错,其他的也还会试下去。 吃了这么多辣的干的,喝点什么是必不可少喽。那就是我和老公都最爱的低卡苣弱啦,目前最喜欢桃子味,更多的味道还会在下一单里。 说了这么多“不健康的”来两个健康的吧,山田的青汁是我的最爱没有之一,淡淡的清香,不腻也不甜,我有点嗯嗯的问题,在美国又总觉得吃绿叶蔬菜少,就想着补充一些青汁,那么口感好味道好自然才是坚持的动力。 入秋了,天气凉了不仅要加衣也要适当滋补,毕竟保养是终生的课题。这个海参的泡发和做法我们下回聊吧。这次就这样啦拜拜